Art Hub Copenhagen hosts an international transdisciplinary summit on Life with Water

Art Hub Copenhagen is proud and excited to host the transdisciplinary international summit Life With Water on 11–12 June 2019.

With public presentations by Andrea Ballestero and Veronica Strang on June 11, 18–20h

Life With Water is a platform to think about our future lives with water. Changes in the global ecosystem are threatening the supply of freshwater necessary for human survival while at the same time the rising sea levels are expected to flood areas that are now densely populated. The connection between life and water poses a vast series of new complex questions that touch upon the social, cultural, political, economical and ethical. To accommodate the complexity of such questions, Life With Water hosts several professional disciplines to define a set of questions in relation to water and to find visionary models of collaboration to anticipate our future life with water.

Life With Water will bring together anthropologists, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs. This first meeting will be a testing ground for collaboration in an open and collective spirit on this most pressing topic.

What distinguishes Life With Water from most water-related initiatives is the inclusion of artists and the arts perspective. We are optimistic that art can play an important role in dealing with future crisis through communication, imagery and speculation by being a host for complex discussions.

The participants of Life With Water are:

Lisa Rave (artist / DE), Jeremy Jackson (scientist / US), Carson Chan (architect, writer / US), Kirse Junge-Stevnsborg (Art 2030 / DK), Klara Hobza (artist / DE), Ken Arnold (Medical Museion / DK + Wellcome Collection / UK), Diakron (artist collective / DK), Veronica Strang (anthropologist / UK), Superflex (artist collective / DK), Andrea Ballestero (anthropologist / US), Daniel Smith / Nigel Sansum (Kohler / DE), Florian Schneider (Trondheim Art Academy / NO), Peter Holme-Jensen (Aquaporin / DK), Jane Withers Studio (design curator / UK), Pinar Yoldaz (artist / TUR), Ole Fryd (landscape architect / DK), Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen (anthropologist / DK), Mark Nelson (scientist / US), Jacob Lillemose (curator / DK), Heidi Ballet (curator / BE)