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Note for Testing Ground:

During our Testing Ground residency we have sought to explore and test listening as something that excitingly questions the familiar, assumed and known. We have over the course of 4 weeks, spread out over 4 months, dived into and responded to four themes/practices of listening; Listening as a Framework (January), Slow Listening (February), The Listening Body (March) and Spatial Listening (April). The experiments and program of the four weeks were set-up to both build upon and challenge the experiences from each other; offering a chance to (re)learn and stay continuingly within the process. Each week involved conversations, workshops and sharing of research with invited guests. At the end of each week we shared our process at a performative, poetic public gathering and Listening Event (I-IV).  Listening was not a phenomenon sought to be defined during the residency, but rather one to be cared for, experienced, and its potential and power shared with the public. Exploring the testing of listening together with our invited guests was a key element during our four weeks of research, which is why we didn’t plan the week or the public events before actually meeting in Copenhagen. It was an important method to stay in the openness and pluralism of listening.


We would like to thank our generous, thoughtful and wise guests; Brandon LaBelle, Jenny Gräf Sheppard, Carolyn F. Strauss, Christine Hvidt, Nana Francisca Schottländer, Barbora Kováčová, Louise Vind Nielsen, Elisabeth Holager Lund.


Fragments for Listening: 

From our expansive documentation of the Testing Ground residency, we have selected a series of ‘Fragments for Listening’; both to demonstrate certain formats and practices, but also to share possible poetic traces of listening. Rather than conclude, we hope these fragments will inspire and excite listening within an open and performative format, encouraging distribution and appropriation. As we worked over four weeks we have limited our selection to four fragments for each format.


We would like to invite you to further discover and investigate our documentation here in our archive.

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