International centre for artistic development becomes a reality in Copenhagen

With a multi-year grant from Bikubenfonden, as well as support from Copenhagen Municipality in the form of premises in Kødbyen (Copenhagen Meat Packing District), Art Hub Copenhagen will be launching at the beginning of 2019. 

How can artists, to an even greater extent, help renew our perspectives on the world and become a major driving force in a visionary development of future society? This is what the new art institution, Art Hub Copenhagen, would like to investigate and work on in the coming years at Halmtorvet 27, where the first pilot projects will be set in motion. Even though the space is temporary, it is a favourable place to launch the hub and start to connect with the artists, curators and researchers, who will form the foundation of the visionary international platform. With Art Hub Copenhagen professional artists receive a house where they can work as well as develop their practice and career. 

“In a world with significant social, societal and political changes, ideas and suggestions for solutions are needed from others than the established – often economically driven – institutions. Art Hub Copenhagen has been established to facilitate and encourage this new perspective – the artists’ perspective. The new art institution will become a dynamic centre for artistic production, development and research that stimulates and challenges the professional artistic milieu and simultaneously focuses on artists’ engaged dialogue with the surrounding world. We are incredibly pleased that the Municipality’s department of Culture and Leisure can look ahead and see this as a gift for the city”, says Art Hub Copenhagen’s chairman Tine Fisher adding: 

“The spaces in Kødbyen are an ideal starting point for Art Hub Copenhagen. The goal in the long run, is a larger space in central Copenhagen that can facilitate a significant and multifarious development of the conditions and international possibilities for contemporary art, and not least, accommodate the numerous activities that the hub aims to develop.” 

Franciska Rosenkilde, mayor of Culture and Leisure in Copenhagen, welcomes the decision: 

“We have a longstanding artistic tradition in Copenhagen. But the idea that everything must yield an economic return places the arts under a lot of pressure, since the arts cannot necessarily provide this. Therefore we need to fertilise the soil for it to grow and flourish. We do this, amongst other things, by facilitating Art Hub Copenhagen’s move into Kødbyen.” 

Bikubenfoden, Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Spanish foundation La Caixa collaborate 

In spring 2018 Art Hub Copenhagen, at first initiated by Bikubenfonden, was established as an independent organisation. In the past year Art Hub Copenhagen has been exploring the artistic landscape and engaged in dialogue with potential partners. Based on this, Bikubenfonden has now decided to support the realisation of Art Hub Copenhagen for a number of years. In addition, Novo Nordisk Foundation is contributing with a development grant for artistic research thus helping to ensure the successful start of the initiative. Moreover, Art Hub Copenhagen is in a dialogue with the Spanish foundation La Caixa regarding the development of a joint international programme, where artists will collaborate with a number of social organisations to develop innovative approaches to future initiatives within the social area. 

Mette Marcus, Head of the Field of Art, Bikubenfonden, says: 

“One of our most important jobs as a foundation is to contribute to new forms of collaboration. With an extensive and long-term initiative such as Art Hub Copenhagen, it is essential that we adjoin several collaborating efforts. We are therefore very pleased that Copenhagen Municipality will house the institution in its initial phase, that a visionary foundation such as Novo Nordisk Foundation helps to get the initiative up an running, and that La Caixa contributes the international perspective that is so important for Art Hub Copenhagen to succeed as a centre for artistic development.” 

Who will lead Art Hub Copenhagen? 

Art Hub Copenhagen enters a new exciting phase when the institution moves to the premises in Kødbyen in 2019. In the early stages, focus will be on hiring a director who can help set the direction and realise the vision for the art institution. The position has just been advertised. Read more about the vision behind Art Hub Copenhagen here:


Bikubenfonden supports Art Hub Copenhagen with an initial period of five years, beginning with a three-year grant of 26mill. dkk. 

Novo Nordisk Foundation supports development and implementation of Centre for Artistic Research, one part of Art Hub Copenhagen, with 2mill. dkk. 

The value of Copenhagen Municipality’s rent exception in Kødbyen amounts to 360.000 dkk. a year.