SUMMERWORKS – Meet the residents Wilfred Wagner, Moa Alskog, Anne Louise Blicher and Anne Mette Schultz

Art Hub Copenhagen is happy to announce, that we have appointed the artists Wilfred Wagner, Moa Alskog, Anne Louise Blicher and Anne Mette Schultz for our ‘Summerworks’ Residency in partnership with Bikubenfoundation New York Inc. and The Elizabeth Foundation for The Arts

The artists have been chosen by a professional jury; Alexander Tovborg, Jasper Sebastian Sturup and Ann Sophie Stærk, for their professional work and individual skills.


Wilfred Wagner
Wilfred has been selected on the base of his graphical abilities and capacity to work conceptually. The jury thinks that Wilfred will gain much from the residency in terms of new skills and the possibility to experiment with different techniques in the workshop. See his work here:

Moa Alskog
Moa was selected by the jury due to her peculiar style and references to ancient Egyptian symbols and fables. The jury thinks that Moas playful universe would translate very well to the graphic felt. See her work here:

Anne Louise Blicher
Anne Louise has been selected due to her ability to work with different color schemes and because of her strong imagery and language. The Jury thinks Anne Louise’s work would work particularly well as lithography. See her work here:

Anne Mette Schultz
Anne Mette has been selected due to her playful and wide-ranging praxis. It is clear that she loves to experiment and incorporate new techniques. The jury thinks that Anne Mette will benefit greatly from a graphicly orientated residency. See her work here:

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