PALM NOIR – A collaboration between Art Hub Copenhagen and Nordic LA

Emilie Alstrup • Jeff Frost • Sofie Alsbo
Anomie Belle • Carl Mannov • Chris Sanchez

A collaboration between
Art Hub Copenhagen and Nordic LA

Art Hub Copenhagen is happy to announce our collaboration with Nordic LA, for the upcoming mini- residency and event Palm Noir at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs California, July 28th, 2019.

Nordic LA and Art Hub are bringing together a group of talented artists from different art forms across nationalities to exchange artistic and professional processes. Palm Noir is also a testing ground for the large-scale incubator program Arts2Export that will launch in Denmark 2020.

Palm Noir connects the Danish art scene with the high desert in Palm Springs. Three Danish and three American artists are brought together to develop their practices and sharing skill sets and know-how across artistic fields. To gain insight and inspiration for their local artwork production, the artists will be introduced to innovative platforms; meet with the heads of several creative initiatives and visit relevant cultural sites throughout Los Angeles, Palm Springs and the surrounding Californian desert from the 18th to the 28th of July, 2019.

The culmination of this interdisciplinary mini-residency is a one-day exhibition at the legendary Ace Hotel & Swim Club located in Palm Springs. Here the artists will present their praxis to professionals in the creative environment. The showcase will take many forms and be a total experience using different locations in and around the hotel. Some of the evening’s highlights include site-specific works and a live musical performance by composer and multi-instrumentalist Anomie Belle. The notable photographer Anthon Smith will be documenting the process.

The program for this creative initiative is developed in collaboration between Nordic LA, Art Hub Copenhagen and Ace Hotel & Swim Club. In the selection of the artists to participate in Palm Noir, Art Hub Copenhagen and Nordic LA consulted a cross-disciplinary jury. The jury consisted of curator Mette Woller, the artist duo Age of Aquarius, film director Michael Noer, musician Sharin Foo and cultural entrepreneur Janne Villadsen.

The three Danish artists who have been selected to participate in Palm Noir are Sofie Alsbo (*1982), Emilie Alstrup (*1988) and Carl Mannov (*1990). The artists have been carefully chosen based on their interdisciplinary character and the quality of their artistic practices.

The three selected American artists are Jeff Frost, Chris Sanchez and Anomie Belle who have been chosen in collaboration with the LA-based Danish curator Anna Frost and Cary Lo Grande, the cultural engineer at Ace Hotel.

KRISTIAN RIIS, Founder of Nordic LA says:

The event at The Ace Hotel is our contribution to give the participating artists the opportunity to work in response to a local American audience in collaboration with local artists. We have created the framework and the artists themselves will bring the content. We believe that the event will be successful building a bridge between actors in the creative arts in Denmark and California. We applaud this experiment where we let the art speak on its own and where co-creation is a keyword.

HELGA JUST CHRISTOFFERSEN, Director of Art Hub Copenhagen:

International professional exchanges are fundamental to the vision and ambition of Art Hub Copenhagen as an institution dedicated to facilitating the development of artists and their practices and I’m excited about the collaboration with Nordic LA. Palm Noir opens new cross-disciplinary horizons and opportunities for three excellent Danish artists in one of the world’s leading art and cultural contexts by connecting them with a very unique place and local scene in the Californian desert.

The Danish artist EMILIE ASTRUP is excited and is looking forward to participating in the program:

My interest in taking part in Palm Noir is driven by my occupation with the desert as an incredibly fascinating terrain. Future life might change, because of the biotech possibilities which enable us to adapt and transform to our environment. It’s a great opportunity to experience a new habitat, and I look forward to the freedom of researching an unfamiliar environment and collaborating with other artists.



Art Hub Copenhagen works to establish an international center of artistic research, development and production. The association is founded with the purpose of working to establish and manage Art Hub Copenhagen, including the development and planning of the initiative as well as raising the necessary financial resources. Art Hub Copenhagen will be a dynamic house of artistic production, development and research that stimulates and challenges the professional artistic milieu while focusing on the arts and artists engaged dialogue with the outside world.

Nordic LA is an incubator for talent and exchange, aimed at connecting its members to thriving innovative ecosystems that promote the visibility of Nordic talent in LA and beyond. As convener, facilitator, and curator, Nordic LA programs a range of events, workshops, exhibitions and exchanges. Nordic LA creates dialogue between the Nordic countries and creatives in North America, inspiring collaboration across disciplines and borders in the arts, design, film, music and tech & start-up industries.

The project is kindly supported by The Ministry of Culture of Denmark and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark


For more information about the Palm Noir event please contact:

Executive director, Art Hub Copenhagen
M: +45 3154 0776

Network Developer Founder and CEO Nordic LA E:,
M: +45 2082 5444



Alstrup’s work is inspired by the concept of ‘the hybrid’ and the exploration of the form of future life. The forced adaption of the present climatic environment has changed the reality of the animal world as well as the human. Science has created the possibility of a fluid merge of distant species. Mutation of humans and non-human life creates a wasteland of alien constellations which integrates with our system and together fuse into one body.

Alstrup received her MA from the Royal College of Art in 2018 and her BA in sculpture from Central St. Mar- tins in 2014. Her internship at the prosthetic studio The Alternative Limb Project intensified her interest with the contemporary body.

Alsbo’s work takes the form of immersive sound and video installations, build from collected, recorded and animated materials. The pieces are constructed as fragmented meditations on the relationship between the internal and external space of body and mind. She works with the idea of a modern life pretext where individualized experiences mirror a collective state of mind.

Alsbo received a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art from Royal Academy of Arts and a BA (Hons.) from Central St. Martins, UAL. Sofie Alsbo has featured work at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Glasgow International, Artist Sound and Video at Independent NYC, Chart Art Fair. The Surround Sound Artists Project in Art Basel Miami Beach. Extrapool in Nijmegen, Exchange Project and Creekside Open at A.P.T Gallery London. Spring Exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Future Map 10 at 176 Zabludowicz London.

Carl Mannov works with painting, sculpture and installation. He graduated with an MFA from Oslo in 2016 and has since exhibited internationally such as in ‘Statements’ at Art Basel Miami Beach, ‘Plant B’ curated by Komplot and Toke Lykkeberg in Brussels, Painting & Phenomenology at Salzburger Kunstverein and the Norwegian Sculpture Biennal 2017. He is currently represented by Standard (Oslo) and Christian Andersen in Copenhagen.

In 2016 Carl Mannov received a working grant from The Danish Art Council, and in 2017 he received a 3-year working grant for young artist from Arts Council Norway.

Anomie Belle is a songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer whose eclectic, avant-garde musical style incorporates aspects of electronic, contemporary classical, art pop, experimental, trip hop, glitch, and soul. She loops herself on strings, keyboards, vocals, samplers, drum machines, guitar and bass to create layered, cinematic, sonic landscapes. Her material grapples with issues ranging from critiques of power to intimacy, queerness, sexuality, and the emotional experiences of ‘beautiful alienation’ created by modern consumer society.

Chris Sanchez experiments with artful interventions on the land rather than working solely in a studio. He often uses paint and ultraviolet light to create dramatic, site-specific multimedia installations at remote sites across the Coachella Valley, his work is venturing into new territories within his work and site-specific installations.

Kas Infinites latest series of work combines hybrid elements of painting, sculpture, digital art, light and video. His multi-faceted experiments of process and material manipulation are similar to that of a chemist exploring the potential of constantly shifting variables of composition and light. He works does site-specific work that deals with the environment of the desert and its history tapping into his Mexican heritage and interest in contemporary art that transforms structures and environments into ephemeral experiences.

Time and sound are his two primary mediums; they are often expressed through a number of sub-mediums including painting, photography, video, and installation. Nearly all of the above are combined into short films exploring themes of the spectrum of creation and destruction. Frost’s work has been shown at his own independent Desert X 2019 parallel installation, Los Angeles Art Association curated by Leslie Jones for LACMA, the Palm Springs Art Museum, the Center for European Nuclear Research (CERN), and LAX.

In 2020 he will have a new painting film, GO HOME in the Museum of Art Lancaster (MOAH). He was both a producer and subject of the 2017 Netflix docuseries, Fire Chasers. That same year he contributed to the National Geographic series, One Strange Rock. He has been featured in numerous online publications and TV interviews such as PBS Newshour, TIME Magazine, Artnet, and American Photo. The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) named him one of the best photographers of 2014. U2 and Ladytron have commissioned him for artwork used on tour and in album art. He has spoken at TEDx in Switzerland, Uni- versity of Southern California, Palm Springs Art Museum, Orlando Museum of Art, Snap! Orlando Photo Festival, and photoLA.

Anna Frost is a Danish curator based in Los Angeles. Her practice focuses on nomadic, multi-purpose and artist-initiated projects. Together with creative director Jordan Richman she directs Atrium, a series of site-specific interventions in the historic architecture of The Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Since 2016 her and collaborator Agnes Bolt have directed BLUE RUIN, a curatorial platform that showcases contemporary art in an active real estate market. From 2011 to 2017 she was co-director of the Danish exhibition space and production unit TOVES in Copenhagen.

Anna Frost has realized projects and exhibitions at renowned galleries and institutions across Europe and America including projects with The 9th Berlin Biennale, PRAXES Center For Contemporary Art, Import Projects and PSM Gallery in Berlin, The Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo Kunsthall and Munch Museum in Oslo, STORE Contemporary in Dresden, BFI in Miami and Hotel Art Pavilion, New York.