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Artists In Residency

As part of Art Hub Copenhagen’s Art and Research Centre we had offered studio spaces for a six-month period to three professional artists who were interested in working on the theme of ‘Life in the Future of Science and Technology’.

Read below to learn about the artists in residency and their current work.

Artists Spring 2019

Rasmus Røhling (f.1982) (DK)

Røhling understands his own praxis as a self-passage and argues that artistic practice works as a phantom limb among other bodies of knowledge. His video installations and sculptural works often revolves around this paradoxical self-concept and how it informs art’s interaction with the surrounding world and vice versa. More recently Røhling has worked with with tropes from the art historical canon, such as male eccentricity and male virtuosity, and how they relate to current political themes such as male anxiety and -crisis. Rasmus has previously exhibited at Skovsnogen Deep Forrest Art Land (DK), Primer, (DK), Sismografo (PT), SixtyEight Art Institute, (DK), Artist Space (US), Den Frie Udstillingsbygning (DK), and Museum Fur Gegenwartskunst Basel (CH) among others.

Life in the Future of Science and Technology

As part of Art Hub Copenhagen’s Studio Programme, Rasmus examines the rise of so-called anxiety-reducing animations for patients within the healthcare sector. He examines how these interface avatars produce a kind of soothing substitute in the absence of what used to be the role of the welfare state. Røhling asks: ‘In terms of nursing a larger social body, what are the consequences of providing care through animated care rather than that of real doctors and nurses?’  

Nina Nowak (f. 1984) (DE/PL)

Nina Nowak is educated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2015, and from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Denmark, and the Royal Institute of Fine Art, Stockholm, where she received an MFA in 2019. She also holds a BA in Art History and Social – and Cultural Anthropology from Freie Universität zu Berlin, from 2008. In her praxis Nowak explores the borderland of animate and inanimate matter. She works with the crossover of biological and technological materials, combining new technologies with classical methods of sculpture. She examines the processes of obsolesces in various materials: wood, water and in relation to the human body. Nowak has previously exhibited at Horsens Kunstmuseum (DK), Galleri Susanne Ottesen (DK) and Museum Kunstpalast (DE).

Life in the Future of Science and Technology

As part of Art Hub Copenhagen’s Studio Program, Nowak examines the interrelations of art and science. She researches the processes and dynamics of water and has collaborated with scientist Tomas Bohr from ITU about a talk at RESPOND FESTIVAL 2019.

Alexandra Hunts (f.1990) (NL/UA)

Alexandra Hunts is educated from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague 2012 and holds an MFA from Malmo Art Academy from 2018. Hunts works within photography, installation and sculpture as her main mediums and is interested in experimenting with physical material as philosophical. The format of her work depends on the conceptual frame, and her work is always rooted in deep investigations and research that spans across disciplines such as art, science, history and critical theory. Hunts has previously exhibited at Norton Museum of Art (US), KHM1 (SE) and Galerie Bart (NL). 

Life in the Future of Science and Technology

As part of Art Hub Copenhagen’s Studio Program, Hunts researches quantum physics and the concept of wave-particle duality together with professor Charles M. Marcus from the Nils Bohr Institute. In this research Hunts touches on the theme of existence of borders and ‘void’ in the digital oversaturated information society. The project examines themes of connection and disconnection, chaos versus simplicity, identity versus multi-identity.