Three studio spaces available for professional artists willing to explore, look ahead, and break new ground

Is your artistic practice concerned with current scientific and technological questions? Do you work with social and existential perspectives of a world that is increasingly datafied? Are you familiar with the latest trends in biotechnology? If yes, you should apply for Art Hub Copenhagen’s new studio programme.

Art Hub Copenhagen is a new international institution for professional artists in Copenhagen. In 2019 we offer studio spaces for a six-month period to three artists working on the theme of: ‘Life in the Future of Science and Technology’.

Within this open-ended thematic framework, interdisciplinary approaches will be prioritised. Applicants are invited to respond to the theme in an innovative and visionary way, both in relation to topic, perspective and method. During the six-month period successful applicants will be expected to organise at least one public activity. Additionally, Art Hub Copenhagen will curate a series of events in relation to the theme.

In the coming years, Art Hub Copenhagen plans a series of thematic activities; the studio spaces are thus offered to artists who work within the theme chosen from now until 2023 – ‘Life in the Future of Science and Technology’. Art Hub Copenhagen wishes to facilitate new collective frameworks for professional artists. It is the hope that having three artists working side by side, in relation to a common theme, will encourage specialist dialogue and synergy to flourish. In this sense, the studio spaces can be seen as a pilot project for a comprehensive programme of efforts that Art Hub Copenhagen will unfold over the coming years on a national, as well as an international, level.

The studio spaces will be ready to move into by mid February. Each artist will be provided with an individual studio space, as well as access to a large common area and a meeting room. The studio spaces are free and include funds for production. Furthermore, Art Hub Copenhagen collaborates with the Danish Art Workshop (Statens Værksteder for Kunst), so if needed these extended production facilities may also be available. The selected artist will join the working community of Art Hub Copenhagen’s team. 

Would you like to join? Be quick and send your project or idea to Art Hub Copenhagen. A professional jury will consider your application. The application should include a project description (max. 1 A4 page), CV, and a portfolio (max. 3-5 images), showing documentation of previous work related to the theme of the application. 


January 31 2019. Replies can be expected within two weeks. Unsuccessful applicants will not receive feedback on why an application is unsuccessful.

Send your application as a PDF (max 5 MB) to: or post to Art Hub Copenhagen, Otto Mønsteds Gade 5, 1571 KBH V (labelled “Application”).

Questions relating to the application and the studio spaces can be addressed to project manager Susanne Hviid on or project developer Jacob Lillemose on

For more information about Art Hub Copenhagen see: