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Halmtorvet 27, 1700 Kbh V, Denmark. Contact:

Art Hub Copenhagen is an international art institution and meeting place in Copenhagen aimed at:

  • Supporting and promoting young, professional visual artists
  • Broadening and qualifying public debates on artistic practice
  • Strengthening the voice of artists in society.

With a strong focus on artistic research, production, development and communication, Art Hub’s ambition is to:

  • Offer young artists professional facilities and sparring in artistic development, networking, research and the production of new works.
  • Bring people from different disciplines and geographies together and generate focused, qualified dialogue with the general public.
  • Develop and support collaborations with a wide range of local and international partners.

Read more about Art Hub’s focus areas here.

Art Hub aims to boost existing dialogues on contemporary art nationally and internationally, something we do by bringing artists, curators, writers, researchers, companies, cultural institutions and the general public together in a new community.

Art Hub Copenhagen was founded by the Bikuben Foundation in 2018, with a three-year grant of 26 million DKK. Art Hub is an independent institution with its own board.

In 2016 the Bikuben Foundation launched a major survey of the Danish art scene in dialogue with artists and other art professionals, as well as a number of Danish and international organizations and foundations. In May 2017 the results of the research were published in the report Kunstens Rammer (Frameworks of Art), which identified a series of potential initiatives in production, networking, knowledge sharing, communication and organization. The report concluded by recommending a physical venue and meeting place to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations and strengthen international networks and contacts. Art Hub Copenhagen can be seen as the direct implementation of this recommendation.

You can read an English summary of the report Kunstens Rammer (Frameworks of Art) here.

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Art Hub at Halmtorvet 27, Copenhagen V.

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Photo: Christian Kærsgaard Jensen

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Round table conversation, Virtual Reality in Contemporary Art, May, 2020. Photo: Nanna Saplana Thorning

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Curatorial Forum, December, 2019. Photo: Christian Brems

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Gro Sarauw (DK) and Bjarke Hvass Kure (DK), Institutional Work and the Conditions of Collaborations, seminar, February, 2020. Photo: Christian Kærsgaard Jensen

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Manuel Pessoa de Lima, performance, Partly, February, 2020. Photo: Christian Brems


Jacob Fabricius


Lars Bang Larsen


Susanne Hviid

Head of Administration

Camilla Jensen

Head of Communication

Stine Nørgaard Lykkebo

Communication Officer

Marie Braad Larsen

Program Coordinator and Project Manager for studio and residency programs

Rose Tytgat

Project Coordinator

Emil Basse

Student Assistant

Board of Directors

Tine Fischer

Leader of The National Film School of Denmark

Mette Marcus

Head of Arts, The Bikuben Foundation

Mikkel Bogh

Director, SMK

Dorte Mandrup

Architect, Founder and Creative Director, Dorte Mandrup A/S

Matias Møl Dalsgaard

Founder and Director, GoMore

Ann Lislegaard


Frederik Hardvendel

Director, Danish Art Workshops



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Art Hub : is an international art institution aimed at supporting the young contemporary art scene