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Exhibitions : The Ones Who Exist Despite Of Or Because Of Or Instead Of Or After The Fact Of

Newsletter #17

Exhibitions : 27DAGE

Newsletter #16

Moment no. 2 : Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez

Art Hub : Film Club : Featuring Adam Khalil : Trailer

Newsletter #15

Moment no.1 : Lukas Heistinger

27DAGE : Mickael Marman on KMS/ACC/FRA/TXL/CPH

Newsletter #14

Why Words Now : Ed Atkins

Column: Art is - and should first and foremost be - Trouble.

Newsletter #13

Exhibitions : This is a Meat City

Why Words Now : Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff

Exhibitions : Thoravej 29

Podcast : Kristoffer Raasted : New Connections - Queering the Radio Voice

Newsletter #12

Why Words Now : John Miller

Newsletter #11

Mini seminar: Roomservice 3 – guesting other territories

Guide for This is a Meat City

Newsletter #10

Folder for Thoravej 29

Workshop : Jacob Remin & David Gauthier Unearthing Sounds of the Underground

BAR x : Signe Boe og Alexander Brix Tillegreen

Newsletter #9

Talk: Karen Barad & Lea Porsager

Workshop: Contamination as collaboration

Free Lunch Series: Kasper Hesselbjerg

Performative talk: Mia Edelgart on stupidity

Why Words Now : Beth Collar

Newsletter #8

Why Words Now : Jimmy Robert

Why Words Now : Henning Lundkvist

Newsletter #7

Lito Kattou

Newsletter #6

Newsletter #5

Online talk: Lito Kattou, Helen Hester, McKenzie Wark & Emma Holten

Newsletter #4

Correspondence: Lito Kattou & Helen Hester

Lena Ditte Nissen: ALLIANCE

Why Words Now : Bob Kil

Newsletter #3

Workshop: Mia Edelgart & Hannah Lutz

BAR x Tora Balslev & Felia Gram-Hanssen

BAR x Tora Balslev & Felia Gram-Hanssen

Manual: Workshop by Arendse Krabbe

Workshop: Arendse Krabbe

Why Words Now : Mitch Speed

Q&A: Linda Lamignan

Newsletter #2

Gathering: Sandra Díaz

Gathering: The Earth, a critical and fragile place to live

Talk and meditation: Astrida Neimanis

Morning Session: Linda Lamignan

Seminar: The role of art and architecture in the welfare city

Art Hub x CAFx: The role of art and architecture in the welfare city

Why Words Now: Post Brothers

Newsletter #1

Talk: Paola Antonelli

Q&A: Ebbe Stub Wittrup

Panel conversation: Institutions post-Corona

BAR x Kristoffer Raasted, Ragnhild May & Morten Winther Nielsen

Studio Program: Lisa Rave

Why Words Now : Kirsty Bell

Seminar: Institutional Work and the Conditions of Collaboration

Partly: Caspar Heinemann, Lone Aburas & Manuel Pessoa de Lima

Launch: Curatorial Forum

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