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  • Arrange the Ants (DK)

    Arrange the Ants is a curatorial initiative, created by art historians Julie Marie Mønsted (b

  • Emilie Bausager (DK/UK)

    Emilie Bausager’s (b.1992) practice deals with the fluidity of history, and the impossibility of adequate representation

  • Adriana Knouf (NL/US)

    Adriana Knouf, PhD (NL/US) works as an artist, writer, and xenologist

  • 0x Salon (DE/UK)

    The 0x Salon is an ongoing, non-profit experiment in collective knowledge sharing and cultural production

  • Wassim Z. Alsindi (DE/UK)

    Wassim is the founder and host of the 0x Salon, which conducts experiments in post-disciplinary collective knowledge practices

  • Copenhagen Architecture Festival (DK)

    Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx) is a platform for research, discussion and dissemination of architectural and urban challenges

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Testing Ground

Testing Ground is Art Hub’s public program aimed at providing artistic researchers with the possibility to try out ideas and methods in practice.

Art Hub Residency

Art Hub Copenhagen works to help artists along with their careers. Among other things, we do this by inviting artists in residence at Halmtorvet in Copenhagen.

Free Lunch Series

Art Hub invites the art world and public to a free lunch where they can enjoy an informal conversation with a young, professional visual artist.

Why Words Now

Why Words Now is a series of lectures aimed at introducing audiences in Copenhagen to some of the most important thinkers of today.


Art Hub works with a number of objectives, the most central of which is to offer up-coming artists and curators facilities and support to develop their practice, among other things by offering a temporary exhibition platform.

Art Hub Film Club

Art Hub invites you to enter the darkness of the cinema to experience a film programme presented and curated by the artist, Adam Khalil.


Art Hub invites an artist or art group to present or perform a work of art.


Partly is an event platform and publication project uniting literature, performance and visual art and facilitating the translation of Nordic literature into English.

Residency To Go

Residency To Go is a programme aimed at supporting young visual artists in their practice and development within the Danish and international art world.

S+T+ARTS Recidency – Repairing the Present

Launched by the European Commission, the S+T+ARTS Recidency – Repairing the Present initiative aims to foster imaginative thinking by creating spaces of dialogue between Science, Technology, and the Arts.


Summerworks is Art Hub’s residency program in New York, founded in partnership with the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (EFA) and the Bikuben Foundation New York.

Guilt and Debts

Guilt and Debts is a forum for discussions about identity politics and decolonisation.

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Art Hub is a facilitating, experimental and network-creating art institution in Copenhagen.

We offer residencies for artists, international artistic development programs, interdisciplinary communities and public events, that present and discuss artistic work and research.

Art Hub is for visual artists, for researchers, for collaborators, and for anyone who is curious about contemporary art.

You can read more about our focus areas here and programs here.

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Art Hub supports emerging contemporary art and ideas. Art Hub supports emerging contemporary art and ideas.

Art Hub : is an international art institution aimed at supporting the young contemporary art scene