Art Hub Residency

Art Hub Copenhagen (AHC) works to help artists along with their careers. We do this by inviting artists in residence at Halmtorvet in Copenhagen. The program is part of Artistic Production & Development.

AHC’s in-house residency program

Art Hub Residency is both for recently graduated artists and others, for whom the residency programme could make a difference in terms of establishing and expanding their practice nationally and internationally. Age is not a factor.

Focusing on networking, contemplation and production, Art Hub Residency features a studio, a monthly fee, a production budget and a programme of development and feedback based on the needs of each individual artist.

As an institution, AHC aims to create networks. The residency actively aims to create and expand the artists’ networks both nationally and internationally. The programme features meetings with selected curators/mentors and a programme of visits to selected art institutions in Denmark.

As well as the importance of networking, Art Hub Residency provides artists with time for contemplation and/or production. There is no requirement to produce work during the residency the time can thus be tailored to suit the process of each artist. It might involve research and studies, trying out ideas or actual production. There is also the option of a short stay at the Danish Art Workshops (by appointment).

One of the requirements of the programme is that, during their residency, each artist must present their practice, research, work or project to the public. The form of presentation is up to the artist. It could be a talk, a podcast, a video, a text, a viewing, a performance or something completely different. We shape and organise the presentations in collaboration with each individual artist.


Future Open Calls will be published on this website as well as in the AHC Newsletter and on social media.

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