Art Hub Residency

Art Hub Copenhagen works to help artists along with their careers. We do this by, twice a year, inviting three artists in residence at Halmtorvet in Copenhagen.

Art Hub Residency is for artists whose practice has a certain weight and activity and where the residency program will be able to help expand and further establish the artist’s practice on a national as well as on an international level.

The program is for both newly-educated artists and for artists, where the residency program in other ways will be able to provide them with new, inspiring directions. Age is not of importance.

The residency includes a studio, a fee, a production budget, and a comprehensive career development program about which you can read more below.

Current and former residents:

The residency program

Art Hub’s residency program is organized in accordance with the following three focus areas:

  • Networking
  • Immersion/Production
  • Communcation.

Art Hub is a networking institution that works to create meaningful connections for the careers of its affiliated artists.

The networking program consists of:

  • A visitation program to local art institutions.
  • Site excursions for inspiration.
  • Networking with professional artists and experts and art institutions with a focus on the international art world. This part of the program is intended to create an expanded international network through sparring with stakeholders in the art world and thereby to support the development of the individual artist. There is also an opportunity to enhance networking with national stakeholders. Art Hub’s residency also offers visits with relevant curators from Denmark and abroad.

The networking program is organized according to the practice and needs of the individual artist.

Artistic practices have diverse needs and tempos. At Art Hub, we would like to offer a residency program that consists of the opportunity for both a process of immersion and production:

  • Time for immersion provides the artist with the tranquility for research and the investigation of future projects.
  • Mentor program: an opportunity for professional sparring about artistic practice with art professionals and professionals from fields other than visual art.
  • During the residency, there is also time and space for the production of new works, including a short-term residence at the Danish Art Workshops, assigned by agreement.

Production of new works during the residency is not required.

Art Hub considers communication to be an essential component in any artistic practice and career. The communication effort consists of communication work by Art Hub and an associated voluntary program for the artist that provides tools for individuals to engage in the communication of their own practice. Affiliated artists will receive production assistance, payments, and content sparring from Art Hub’s team for communication activities, which is a part of the program.

The communication program consists of the following:

  • Art Hub will communicate about the affiliated artist’s practice on the institution’s website, on social media, and in one of Art Hub’s monthly newsletters. The disposition of these measures will be determined by agreement with each individual artist.
  • Promotions with a broader public aim of developing the individual artist’s practice and/or any ongoing project/process/ materials/thematic focus. The promotions may take shape in different ways. For example:
    • Talks
    • Podcast/audio
    • Video (interviews, studio visits, expeditions, etc.)
    • Text (interviews, Q&A, the artist’s own texts, etc.).

Art Hub : is an international art institution aimed at supporting the young contemporary art scene