Artistic Practice Film: Hannah Heilmann



Hannah Heilmann works with performance and installation, print, watercolour and found objects, particularly clothing, with which she has an enduring love-hate relationship. On one hand clothing serves for her as some kind of a talisman: costume, art object, image; on the other hand, it’s a necessary visor for the skin which, in the shape of accelerating consumer goods, has developed into one of the world’s most climate-damaging products.

Last year, Hannah Heilmann was selected by the art institution Art Hub Copenhagen (AHC) to participate in the Artistic Practice programme, communicating the artist’s practice to the public through an interview and film portrait with a view to reaching an international art audience. This film, now being released, offers an introduction to Heilmann’s practice and the themes with which she works.

Hannah Heilmann holds an MA in Art History from the University of Copenhagen and teaches at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. She works primarily with installation, objects and performance, and has performed at Marselleria in Milan, Manifesta 11 in Zurich, SMK (the Danish National Gallery) and the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius. Her exhibitions include presentations at AROS, Møstings Hus, Den Frie, Shoot the Lobster in Los Angeles and EKKM in Tallinn. She was co-founder of the artistic project space TOVES (2010–2017), and part of the artist collective No Fear (2001–2010). Her works are included in the collections of the Danish National Gallery, Kunstmuseum Brandts and HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art.

In 2022–23, she was selected for AHC’s Artistic Practice dissemination programme, which includes a live event where the artist meets an international figure of their choice. In this case, Hannah Heilmann met the curator Jeppe Ugelvig in November of 2023 for a conversation about Heilmann’s practice at Performa Biennial in New York.

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Artistic Practice is a communication programme for established visual artists in Denmark who have made their mark in a ground-breaking and innovative way and who, while predominantly exhibited in Denmark, are considered to have international potential.

The programme is built around a video portrait and an interview with an international curator who focuses on the individual artist’s practice, with the aim of both communicating it and offering support with a view to building an international network.

As the artists are selected by a jury, it is not possible to apply for admission to the programme. Artistic Practice is organised in collaboration with editor and project manager Karina Lykkesborg.

The programme was initiated by the Bikuben Foundation, which ran the programme from 2019 to 2022. Artistic Practice continues to be supported by the Bikuben Foundation.

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