Artistic Practice

In 2022 and 2023, Art Hub Copenhagen invites a total of six selected artists to take part in ‘Artistic Practice’ to present a variety of artistic voices in the field of visual art. The program is part of Artistic Production & Development.

Still from Linda Lamignan’s Artistic Practice film.

Artistic Practice involves an interview format, taking a closer look at the practice of each artist with the aim of conveying it to the public. The interview will be held as a live event later edited into a video portrait to help boost awareness of the artist. In the interview, the individual artist meets an international visual art expert, who can shed new light on the artist’s practice The artist helps choose their own interviewer. In addition to the interview, the program provides support, discussion and feedback in terms of building an international network.

The artists in Artistic Practice are professional Danish artists in mid-career, who have proved to be pioneering and innovative. They have exhibited mainly in Denmark, but are deemed to have international potential. It is this potential that Artistic Practice supports.

The artists are selected by a jury hence why applying for admission to the programme is not an option.

Artistic Practice is run in collaboration with the project manager/editor Karina Lykkesborg.

Artistic Practice was launched by the Bikuben Foundation. From 2019 to the spring of 2022, it was run by the foundation, which still offers a similar program for performing artists. You can watch all previous Artistic Practice videos here.

AHC’s Artistic Practice program is supported by the Bikuben Foundation.

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