Focus Areas

Art Hub Copenhagen (AHC) is a platform for the Danish, Nordic and international contemporary art scene, an interdisciplinary gathering point where new art is developed in interaction with other disciplines and new audiences. AHC’s programmes and initiatives unfold through public events, dissimination and knowledge sharing in different formats and on a varity of platforms.

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AHC has two primary areas of focus:

Artistic Production & Development

One of AHC’s focus areas is Artistic Production & Development.

With a number of programmes especially focused on different types of residencies, but also experimental exhibition and presentation formats, performances and events, AHC actively aims to support visual artists, curators and art writers in their practice and thinking, helping them establish interdisciplinary networks and horizons.

AHC’s ambition is continuously to develop new formats and methods to support professional artistic development, production, discussion and feedback, networking and dissemination. Our work is often based on close collaboration with other institutions both in Denmark and abroad.

Art & Research

One of AHC’s focus areas is practice-based research.

AHC is a host institution for researching artists, curators, and writers. The work of our researchersparticipants constitutes an important part of our program, and we offer possibilities for developing new projects and methods through different formats. In terms of methodology, we emphasise process, interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and mediation.

The output of practice-based research at AHC is continuously presented in various programs such as Testing Ground and Guilt and Debts, as well as through our publications and micro institute.

We understand practice-based research to be a framework for artistic thinking and immersion that opens up to both an experimental knowledge production and a discussion of the contemporary preconditions for making art and being an artist.

Engaged in a dialogue with other institutional actors, AHC is fully committed to developing the field of practice-based research.


AHC : gives time, space and voices to artistic experimentation