Open Call: The Container Academy 2023

The Container Academy is a new studio community for emerging artists in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn. Just now, we launch the open call for applying the studios. The deadline is Wednesday 4 October 2023.

The Container Academy is a new studio community for emerging visual artists at Oceanvej 1 in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn, which will be inaugurated in mid-November 2023 and is expected to be operational from early January 2024. 

The Container Academy will house younger visual artists and contains a total of 30 individual studios as well as two large joint workshops. 

The “Academy” in the Container Academy refers to the “School of Athens” and the Socratic way of thinking about equal conversation between free people. Therefore, the studio community will not only be a place for artists to work but also an intellectual community where a continuous, investigative conversation will take place – through an artistic and public program of exhibitions and other events. Hopefully, some applying artists will want to contribute to initiating knowledge-producing and investigative conversations at the Container Academy.

Artists at the Container Academy are offered a membership of Art Hub Copenhagen with access to workshop facilities when the institution moves to Thoravej in 2025.



The Container Academy is for younger, professionally performing visual artists. You must either be educated at the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, the Funen Academy of Fine Arts, or the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts or have a similar visual arts education. After completing your education, you must have had at least two years in your practice and be connected to Denmark, based in Copenhagen or the surrounding area.



As a tenant in the Container Academy, you get your studio and access to two large, shared studios of 160 m2 in total, as well as a meeting room, kitchen, and toilet with shower.

A studio on the ground floor of the Container Academy is 16 m2 and costs DKK 3,700 per month + DKK 550 in consumption excl. VAT. The studios on the 1st floor with skylight cost DKK 4,000 per month + DKK 550 in consumption excl. VAT. Note that consumption expenses are variable depending on total consumption.  

There is 24-hour access to the Container Academy. The studios are not furnished. 

The move-in and rental period is from 1 December 2023 at the earliest. 

You can apply for a studio for two or four years, and it is possible to apply for an extension. However, having a studio for more than a maximum of six years is impossible. 

Containerakademiet is a commercial foundation. Therefore, it is necessary as a tenant of a studio to be VAT-registered. 



To apply, please submit the following:

Completed application form (must be completed in English) 

– CV incl. contact information (max. 1 A4 page) 

– Image material including short descriptions (max. 4 A4 pages) 

All this must be sent as a combined pdf file of 5 MB. 

Please send your application to In the subject field, please write “Container Academy 2023”. 

We must have received your application by 4 October 2023 at 11PM at the latest. 

Open house on 29 September between 12-2PM, where you can get an impression of the building and the studios. 



All applications will be assessed and reviewed by an external committee. The board of the Container Academy Foundation will make the final approval of the selection. 

If you have questions about the Container Academy, please write to project manager at AHC, Marie Braad Larsen, at 



The Container Academy was initially intended to consist of a series of mobile containers, hence the name. However, due to the pandemic and then inflation, the Container Academy now consists of one large container: an industrial building covered with steel sheets. 

The initiator of the project is visual artist and professor Bjørn Nørgaard. The place was built and is currently run by the Container Academy Foundation in collaboration with Art Hub Copenhagen, who manages the studio spaces and takes care of the day-to-day operations and, initially, the artistic program. Over time, the intention is that the ‘academy’ will be self-organising. 

You can read more here in a newsletter from June 2023, where Bjørn Nørgaard talks to Lars Bang Larsen about the ideas behind the Container Academy.

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