PALM NOIR – A collaboration between Art Hub Copenhagen and Nordic LA

Art Hub Copenhagen hosts an international transdisciplinary summit on Life with Water

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Helga Just Christoffersen appointed Executive Director of Art Hub Copenhagen

ART WEEK – Roundtable discussion about Virtual Reality in Contemporary Art

International centre for artistic development becomes a reality in Copenhagen

“Art Hub Copenhagen is an expression of the vision to create an innovative and leading place for the development of contemporary art. The ambition is to establish an inspiring and progressive framework for contemporary art around the core values of interdisciplinarity, collaboration and an international perspective. The goal is a physical house located in central Copenhagen that will facilitate significant and diverse developments in relation to working conditions and international opportunities within contemporary art.”

— Chairman Tine Fischer

ABOUT Art Hub Copenhagen

The association Art Hub Copenhagen works to establish an international centre of artistic research, development and production in Copenhagen. The association is founded with the purpose of working to establish and manage Art Hub Copenhagen, including development and planning of the initiative as well as raising the necessary financial resources. Art Hub Copenhagen will be a dynamic house of artistic production, development and research that stimulates and challenges the professional artistic milieu, while focusing on the arts’ and artists’ engaged dialogue with the outside world.

From January 2019 Art Hub Copenhagen moved into its own space at the Meatpacking district in Copenhagen, and began working on activities with national and international partners. The space is temporary, why a search for a permanent place to realize Art Hub Copenhagen’s full potential is ongoing.

Read the scenario for Art Hub Copenhagen here.

“As a society, we will always have the need for art to be created at the highest level. The framework that might best support the creation and accessibility of art, however, changes over time. If Art Hub Copenhagen can create a new framework for the production and availability of outstanding art, it will be a gift for both Denmark and the arts. I look very much forward to participating in this project.”

— Matias Møl Dalsgaard

Art Hub Copenhagen’s association

The aim of the association is to work to further develop, implement and manage Art Hub Copenhagen. The board of directors counts the following members:

  • Chairman
  • Tine Fischer (Director and founder, CPH:DOX)
  • Board of directors
  • Mikkel Bogh (Director, National Gallery of Denmark)
  • Frederik Hardvendel (Director, Danish Art Workshops)
  • Ann Lislegaard (Artist)
  • Dorte Mandrup (Creative director and founder, Dorte Mandrup Architects)
  • Matias Møl Dalsgaard (Director and founder, GoMore)

Bikubenfonden provides resources for Art Hub Copenhagen in the form of administration and development work in the initial phase, and supports the association’s board of directors with the organisational and content related development as well as the establishment of Art Hub Copenhagen.

“With the goal of becoming an innovative and significant initiative for Denmark's talented visual artists, Art Hub Copenhagen has been strategic and ambitious from the beginning. Strengthening professional development and the frameworks for artists' production and networking will benefit society. I look forward to contributing to the development of Art Hub Copenhagen and to see it gain the international attention, which one can only expect from such a visionary project.”

— Frederik Hardvendel