Art Hub is on the move

After more than two years in temporary premises in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District Art Hub has found a new home in Northwest Copenhagen. The Bikuben Foundation has just taken over a large building that Art Hub will be moving into in the summer of 2022.

(Update March 2022: moving will happen in the second half of 2023 at the earliest)

Thoravej 29, Copenhagen NV.

Art Hub Copenhagen’s mission is to be a truly international art institution in Copenhagen – a lively place for artists to work and develop, and an engaged, contemplative meeting point for everyone interested in art and society. The new, larger premises the Bikuben Foundation has taken over in NW Copenhagen give Art Hub an even broader base to fulfil this mission.

Over the next six months the building will be developed to house not only Art Hub and the Bikuben Foundation, but also independent, innovative initiatives in the field of art and society.

Art Hub will have 2,000 m2 at its disposal, some of which will be dedicated to studios and work facilities for artists. This will enable Art Hub to provide space, support and development opportunities to even more artists than we can at our current address in the Meatpacking District.

Tine Fischer, acting director and chair woman of the Art Hub board:

“Moving under the same roof as the Bikuben Foundation has the full support of the Art Hub board, and we’re really looking forward to the new opportunities it will give us. Art Hub will continue to be an independent organization with its own board, and our founding vision remains the same – to create an internationally respected institution for new contemporary art with a strong focus on supporting emerging artists and opening the art scene to generate more public interest and visibility.”

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