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Art Hub Residency fall 2024

10 April 2024 11.59 PM
Containerakademiet Oceanvej 1, Nordhavn 2150

Applications are now open for the Art Hub Residency fall 2024. The deadline is 10 April at 11.59 PM.

Each season, AHC invites three artists in residency. In previous years, the program has taken place at Halmtorvet 27, but from spring 2024, the artists who are selected will instead be offered a studio at the Container Academy in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn.

Applications are now open and the deadline is Wednesday, 10 April at 11.59 PM.

Below you can read about the program, about the Container Academy, who and how to apply.

AHC values diversity highly. We therefore encourage everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and identity to apply.

We look forward to receiving your application!


AHC is a network-creating institution that works actively to create and expand visual artists’ networks both nationally and internationally.

Focusing on networking, communication, contemplation, and production, Art Hub Residency features a studio, a monthly fee, a production budget, and a programme of development and feedback based on the needs of each artist. Also, part of the program consists of meetings with selected curators/mentors as well as a visit program to a number of art institutions in Denmark.

In addition to the focus on networking, Art Hub Residency provides the artists with time for reflection and/or production. There is no requirement to produce work during the residency, and thus the time can be tailored to suit the process of each artist. It might involve research and studies, trying out ideas, or actual production. The artist has access to workshop facilities at the Container Academy, by agreement, a shorter stay at the Danish Art Workshops is also an opportunity.

Art Hub Residency is both for recently graduated artists and other artists, for whom the residency program could make a difference in terms of establishing and expanding their practice nationally and internationally. The residency runs over five months from September 2024 to January 2025.

One of the requirements of the program is that, during their residency, each artist must present their practice, research, work, or project to the public. The form of presentation is up to the artist. It could be a talk, a podcast, a video, a text, a viewing, a performance, or something completely different. We shape and organise the presentations in collaboration with each artist. It is also expected that the residents plan their stay in a way that allows them to spend most of their time at the premises in Copenhagen.



Graduated artists who are EU/EØS citizens or either in possession of a permanent residence permit or entitled in some other way to reside in Denmark for a period of five months.

All professional visual artists can apply for participation in this residency. You must either be educated at the Jutland Academy of Arts, the Funen Academy of Arts, the Royal Danish Academy of Arts or have a similar professional visual arts education or background. It is possible to apply as a duo.



• For most of the residency period, we expect you to spend your daily life in the studio at the Container Academy. Possibly, short terms travels etc. can be agreed in advance.

• Together with AHC’s team, you must plan and execute a presentation that conveys your work to the public.

• Throughout the course of residency, you must participate in monthly meetings with project manager and curator Marie Braad Larsen.

• You must participate in a visiting program with selected art institutions throughout Denmark.

• As far as possible, you must take part in the communication activities of the other artists-in-residence.

• You must agree on that your residency will be communicated on AHC’s website, newsletter and social media.



• A 16 sqm studio at the Container Academy, Oceanvej 1, 2150 Nordhavn, access 24/7.

• Access to the Container Academy’s two large workspaces (workshops are under construction).

• A fee of DKK 21,000 (incl. VAT) per month.

• Three meetings with relevant mentors, selected by the individual artist in consultation with project manager and curator Marie Braad Larsen.

• Three meetings with relevant curators, selected by the individual artist in consultation with Marie Braad Larsen.

• Ongoing professional sparring and advice. Including monthly meetings with Marie Braad Larsen.

• Presentation of the residents’ practice on AHC’s website, newsletter and social media.

• A presentation/public event.

• The option of a short stay at the Danish Art Workshops (not guaranteed).



To apply, you must complete this application form (right-click on link and select “open link in new tab”, select download. The form is a word file). The form must be filled in in English.

The completed form is sent together with the CV incl. contact information (max. 1 A4 page) and image material including short descriptions (max. 4 A4 pages), as a combined pdf file of max. 5MB.

The application is sent to Write “Art Hub Residency Fall 2024” in the subject field.

Deadline for application: 10 April 2024 at 11.59 PM.



All applications will be reviewed by a jury of artistic professionals. In collaboration with AHC, they will select the final candidates for Art Hub Residency.

Project manager and curator Marie Braad Larsen will take care of the day-to-day running of Art Hub Residency and throughout the programme will also serve as a contact person for the artists-in-residence.

If you have any questions about the residency, please contact curator Marie Braad at


The Container Academy is a studio community for visual artists at Oceanvej 1 in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn, which is expected to be operational from early January 2024. The site contains a total of 30 individual studios as well as two large joint workshops.

The “Academy” in the Container Academy refers to the “School of Athens” and the Socratic way of thinking about equal conversation between free people. The studio community will therefore not only be a place for artists to work, but also an intellectual community where a continuous, investigative conversation will take place – through an artistic and public program of exhibitions and other events. It is hoped that several of the applying artists will want to contribute to initiating knowledge-producing and investigative conversations at the Container Academy.

The initiator of the project is visual artist and professor Bjørn Nørgaard. The place was built and is run by the Container Academy Foundation in collaboration with AHC, which helps to develop the studio community and the artistic program. The Art Hub Residency program is temporarily moving to the Container Academy until AHC moves as planned to Thoravej 29, Copenhagen NW, currently scheduled to open in 2025.

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