Containerakademiet, Oceanvej 1, 2150 Nordhavn. Foto: Hampus Berndtson
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Containerakademiet :

Opening party

17 May 2024 03.00 PM - 11.00 PM
Containerakademiet Oceanvej 1, Nordhavn 2150

Come celebrate the opening of Containerakademiet, the city's new studio community for professional visual artists.

In collaboration with CPH City & Port Development, we are opening the doors to the new building in Nordhavn, which houses 30 studios and workshops for artists. A brand-new place in the city where artists can work and where people will be invited inside for exhibitions and other artistic events.

Friday 17 May from 03.00 to 11.00PM, we celebrate the opening of Containerakademiet with speeches, a performative bingo show, dance, artist meetings, bubbles, cake, music, and food – and everyone is invited.



15.00 Welcome!

15.10 Opening speeches by:

- Mia Nyegaard, Mayor of Culture and Leisure Administration, Municipality of Copenhagen
- Henrik Steenstrup, CPH City & Port Development
- Bjørn Nørgaard, initiator of Containerakademiet
- Jacob Fabricius, AHC.

15.30 Poster exhibition and presentation by the artists Vibe Overgaard & Phillipp Moritz Karweick

16.00 Anna and Lotte's Skillset Bingo, performance by Anna Walther and Lotte Bækgaard

16.45 Meet the house's artists and experience their work

18.00 Weird birds, performance by María Peña and Efi Farmaki

18.00-21.00 Food truck & bar (Odds & Ends)

18.30 Performance and DJ set by artist Kristoffer Raasted

20.30 DJ set by KUCHULU & Naz Talgia

23.00 Thanks for coming!


Containerakademiet is a studio community for visual artists at Oceanvej 1 in Copenhagen's Nordhavn. The place was created to secure more studio spaces for visual artists in the capital and at the same time form the framework for conversations and discussions about art.

The "Academy" in Containerakademiet thus refers to the "School in Athens" and the Socratic way of thinking about equal conversation between free people. The studio community at Oceanvej 1 will therefore not only be a place where artists can work, but also a community where you can meet for the exploratory conversation.

Containerakademiet was initiated by sculptor and professor Bjørn Nørgaard and was developed and built in collaboration with CPH City & Port Development and Unionkul v. Klaus Kastbjerg. The architect on the project is Arcgency, the engineer is Erik Pedersen, and the contractor is WR Enterprise.

The developer and operator is Fonden Containerakademiet, the land has been made available by CPH City & Port Development, and the project is generously supported by A.P. The Møller Foundation, the Obel Family Foundation and the Augustinus Foundation. AHC manages the studio spaces and takes care of the day-to-day operations as well as the artistic program.

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