Still from video: YBDG, 2019 with: Maria Metsalu, Nicolas Roses, Manuel Scheiwiller
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Exhibition :

Performance : Young Boy Dancing Group #1

30 September 2021 05.00 PM - 07.00 PM
Thoravej 29 Thoravej 29, 2400 Copenhagen

The performance is sold out.

You can join a waiting list for available tickets, just send an email to, including your name and the desired number of tickets.


Performers: Inaja Katharina Skands, Levi Eja Roepstorff, Klara Lopéz, Karim Boumjimar, Nica Roses, Manu Anima.


Slide into the darkness and depths of Mette Woller’s exhibition Alien Water where the collective Young Boy Dancing Group pushes understandings of movement vocabularies with their unique sculptural poses in a watery performance where known objects change form.

Admission to the performance is free, but due to limited space you need to secure a ticket beforehand. Please note that the performance is not suitable for children.

The performance will take place in the basement of the building and is part of the group exhibition Thoravej 29. If you arrive prior to 5 pm you are also able to experience the rest of the group exhibition, that covers all 5 floors of the building. For further information about the group exhibition see here.



Initiated in 2014, Young Boy Dancing Group began as a nameless performance collective, a versatile host embracing an ever-changing network of dancers across Europe. Over the last half-decade, YBDG has worked in video, photography, fashion, sculpture, and installation, but the group remains best known for its rawly intimate performances in which the materiality of bodies encounters the ethereality of light. As this precarious brigade continually swells and tightens, picking up new performers at each location, its core values persist as a fierce buttress against mainstream culture: somatic exploration, not sexualization; exposure, not exhibitionism; communal release, not bridled isolation; object-identification, not commodification; and DIY, not institutional polish.

Young Boy Dancing Group has made numerous international appearances, performing at venues such as the Schinkel Pavilion, Berlin (2019); Ceremonia Festival, Toluca, Mexico (2019); Athens Biennial (2018); Baltic Triennial, Tallinn, Estonia (2018); Creepy Teepee Festival, Kutná Hora, Czech Republic (2018); Norberg Festival, Sweden (2018); Roskilde Festival, Denmark (2017); Yvon Lambert Gallery, Berlin (2017); Lithuanian Pavilion, Venice Biennale (2015); and Silencio, Paris (2014).

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