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Seminar: Institutional Work and the Conditions of Collaboration

28 February 2020 02.00 PM - 06.00 PM
Art Hub Copenhagen Halmtorvet 27, 1700 København V

This event will address the role that new types of programs, collaborations, and models of institutional partnerships play in developing local communities of artists and audiences. It asks a series of questions about the relationship between the institution, the community, and the artist, including, but not limited to:

What kind of models or programs specifically address questions of sustainability and development of local art scenes? What are the models for institutional collaboration between arts institutions of differing sizes and origins and how can they benefit from collaboration? How are institutions working with artists to co-author programs and activities? And finally: If the goal is an art system where actors lift each other up—in a local, national, or global perspective—then what does that movement look like and what should we each contribute?

Key Note Speakers:

Antonia Alampi, Artistic Co-director, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin

Toke Lykkeberg, Director, Tranen, Hellerup

Rhea Dall, Director, UKS (Young Artists’ Society), Oslo

Luís Silva, Director and Curator, Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon

Elena Tzotzi, Co-Director, Signal, Malmö


Andreas Fuhrer, Artist and Founder of Institut Funder Bakke

Orit Gat, Critic

Dina El Kaisy Friemuth, Artist and Co-Founder of FCNN

Mathias Kryger, Critic

Bjarke Hvass Kure, Artist and Co-Founder of Diakron and Primer

Gro Sarauw, Artist and Co-Founder of A Fond

Louise Steiwer, Critic and Co-Organizer at OK Corral, Copenhagen

The event will be in English. It is free and open to all.

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