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Testing Ground :

WORKSHOP FOR AESTHETICS’ – Dialogues in Praxis #5

24 January 2023 06.30 PM - 08.30 PM
Vester Vov Vov Absalonsgade 5, 1658 København V

What is the act of writing? What is ‘knowledge’? What is implicit in, and what may be introduced into the field of artistic research? WORKSHOP FOR AESTHETICS’ Talking in Praxis, presented by Jonas Georg Christensen, will seek to investigate such questions.

This fifth and final visit to the workshop on 24 January 2023 presents an edited conversation between poet Peter Laugesen and artist Jonas Georg Christensen.

The séances involve exchanges between practising artists, theoreticians, and researchers. The basis for the conversations comprises both personal and general questions about notions of practice. In other words, these are some of the questions that Jonas Georg Christensen asks himself in relation to understanding the character of artistic practice, and the implicit possibilities involved in giving an account of one’s experience of having a creative and theoretical practice.

While trying out the conversation as a format, together with five colleagues whose work also is exploratory, these questions will be raised. In the conversations, each of us will attempt to articulate our notion of what takes place in the studio space or on site, and at the work desk. Thereby, by putting things to the test, we seek to ask and formulate questions through dialogues in praxis. Questions about knowledge.

The séance will be at Vester Vov Vov, Absalonsgade 5, 1658 Copenhagen.

WORKSHOP FOR AESTHETICS’ Dialogues in Praxis has been given its current format in collaboration with Art Hub Copenhagen as part of their Testing Ground Programme.


Participation is free, but we recommend securing a seat by talking out a free ticket here.

NB! The séances will be in Danish.

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