Art Hub and CAFx to Move In Together

Copenhagen Architecture Festival is moving into Halmtorvet 27.

For the past 3 years, Art Hub has been housed in Halmtorvet 27, and will continue to do so. However, from 2022 we will be sharing the premises with CAFx and entering into a collaboration that will focus on the intersection between architecture and art. Given the common interfaces between the two associations, the idea is to collaborate on several events during the year. A series of interviews on the topic of art and architecture, funded by the Danish Arts Foundation, is already in the pipeline.

Jacob Fabricius, Director of Art Hub Copenhagen, says:
“In a few years’ time, Art Hub Copenhagen will be moving to a new community on Thoravej 29 in the North West district of Copenhagen. Until then, we will experiment and investigate new formats and partnerships. That’s why working with CAFx across the fields of art and architecture is so interesting for us.”

Josephine Michau, Director of Copenhagen Architecture Festival, says:
“For some time now, we have wanted the festival to extend beyond its usual 11 days: on one hand, to be more robust in the face of sudden changes in the state of the world – as we experienced during the pandemic; on the other hand, to grasp and address current debates throughout the year, as and when they occur. In Copenhagen, there are several institutions on every conceivable scale for theatre, music and contemporary art, but virtually none for architecture. The central location in Halmtorvet 27, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, will enable us to create all sorts of activities around the clock for a large number of people.”

Read the whole of CAFx’s statement about the move here.

Art Hub will continue its activities in the premises. So, guests will still be able to enjoy exhibitions, BARx, Free Lunch, talks and the countless other Art Hub activities. But CAFx will also be present in the spaces with their events and exhibitions – not to mention the number of joint activities we will be launching together in the coming months.

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