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AHC x Performa New York 2023 : SUPERFLEX : Free Beer

2 November 2023 12.00 PM - 08.00 PM
Performa 2023 Hub 408-412 Broadway (at Canal Street), NY 10013 New York City

For Performa 2023, SUPERFLEX will produce new versions of their Free Beer on view for everyone.

For the Performa opening night on 1 November, AHC has organised for SUPERFLEX’s FREE BEER to be served at the gala dinner and at the bar for the after-dinner party. However, the ‘FREE’ of the title does not refer to the fact that it is free, but to the fact that, on the basis of open source technology, the recipe, monogram and labels are available to everyone, thereby questioning the systematic idea of copyright. Brewed by the local brewery Evil Twin, the beer will be served throughout the Performa run.

About Performa:

Founded in 2003 by the internationally acclaimed art historian RoseLee Goldberg, Performa New York is one of the world’s leading performance art biennials. This year, Art Hub Copenhagen has entered into an exciting collaboration with Performa, inviting eight artists from both Denmark and abroad to take part in this November’s three-week-long performance programme.


SUPERFLEX was founded in 1993 by Jakob Fenger, Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, and Rasmus Rosengren Nielsen. Conceived as an expanded collective, SUPERFLEX has consistently worked with a wide variety of collaborators, from gardeners to engineers to audience members. Engaging with alternative models for the creation of social and economic organisation, works have taken the form of energy systems, beverages, sculptures, copies, hypnosis sessions, infrastructure, paintings, plant nurseries, contracts, and public spaces. Working in and outside the physical location of the exhibition space, SUPERFLEX has been engaged in major public space projects since their award-winning Superkilen opened in 2011. These projects often involve participation, involving the input of local communities, specialists, and children. Taking the idea of collaboration even further, recent works have involved soliciting the participation of other species. SUPERFLEX has been developing a new kind of urbanism that includes the perspectives of plants and animals, aiming to move society towards interspecies living. For SUPERFLEX, the best idea might come from a fish.

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