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Testing Ground :

Bureau for Listening Event I: Listening as an artistic practice

26 January 2024 06.00 PM - 08.00 PM
Art Hub Copenhagen Halmtorvet 27, 1700 København V

Within a contemporary state of increasing polarization, environmental catastrophe, and for many either political fatigue or revolt, in what way does listening offer a meaningful artistic and critical practice; a pause from speaking up, taking space, defining, and describing? How does listening offer a space and practice for reflection and care? 

In the following months, the artist collective Bureau for Listening will participate in AHC's Testing Ground program and move into Halmtorvet four times, one week at a time.

On the last evening of each Testing Ground week, Bureau for Listening is happy to invite you to a Listening Event. The specific program for each event will be planned during the upleading week, and therefore unknown until arrival and participation in the event. We hope that you will trust us in this endeavor.

Each Listening Event is conceptualized as a gathering and sharing moment, centered around the listening theme/practice of the week, and as a chance to share findings, practices, knowledge, questions and wondering - a chance to celebrate and promote listening.

This week’s theme is listening as artistic practice, focusing on listening as a framework, and offering a gentle and attentive introduction to the concept of listening as an artistic practice (in practice) with a visit and contributions by artist and sound theorist Brandon LaBelle and sound artist Jenny Gräf Shappard.

During this Testing Ground process, Bureau for Listening will also publish material and documentation here.


The event is free to attend, but it requires registration via Billetto here.

Please note that the event is in English.


Bureau for Listening (2021-ongoing) is an artist and research group investigating and promoting listening as critical, empathic, and artistic practice. They work nomadic, transdisciplinary, and strive to engage others in shared practices and projects. 

Bureau for Listening ask that listening is practiced as a transdisciplinary phenomenon. We understand listening as more than the hearing of audible signals as it supports a range of relevant processes and projects, including: emotional and social recognition, community relations, establishing of attunement and discovery across human and more- than-human worlds, co-learning, and decolonial, eco- feminist initiatives. They consider listening as a creative inquiry and sensitivity; one that stimulates a caring and artistic being-with.

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