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Free Lunch Series :

Ida Lunden

29 November 2021 12.00 PM - 01.30 PM
Art Hub Copenhagen Halmtorvet 27, 1700 København V

On Tuesday 30 November, Art Hub will be inviting guests to the final Free Lunch of the year in the company of the artist Ida Lunden. The conversation during lunch will relate to Lunden’s project Ornament and Care (2021), which features a series of reliefs and a performance. In the autumn of 2021, Ornament and Care was part of the exhibition Soil.Sickness.Society at Rønnebæksholm.

The critic Nazila Kivi and the art historian Julie Sonja Nordahl will also join in the conversation.


If you would like to attend the lunch, please email us at no later than 12 noon on Monday 29 November.

There are a limited number of seats.

The conversation will be in Danish and a vegetarian meal will be served.


About Ornament and Care

The reliefs were created during a period of mourning and are based on studies of sepulchral monuments. In her studies, the artist insists on both love and the vast potential inherent in grief and loss. Through the work with the reliefs Lunden, contemplates the body. Inspired by the body, its intuitive movements and its constant process of caring, the works create a meaningful bond between nature, the self and disease. The disease gives rise to a space somewhere between life and death. Analysis is set aside and an intuitive understanding and sense of cohesion comes to the fore. In addition to the reliefs, Ornament and Care also features a performance, which was created alongside the artist’s work on the reliefs. At Rønnebæksholm, the performance was a combination of dance and a caring ritual. The performance was created in collaboration with choreographer Louise Midjord.


About the artist

Ida Lunden (b. 1985) lives and works in Copenhagen. She holds an MA from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts, School of Design, from where she graduated in 2015. Lunden’s artistic practice includes sculpture, graphics and performance. Her sensuous works lend form to emotions and states of cohesion, grief and care, and death and mortality. Lunden has previously exhibited at L.okal (Hamburg), Huset for Kunst og Design (Holstebro), CLICK Festival (Elsinore), Grafikernes hus (Copenhagen) etc. both as a solo artist and as part of the artist duo ‘Morblod’. In autumn 2021, her series of works Ornament and Care was featured in the group exhibition Soil.Sickness.Society at Rønnebæksholm. In January 2022 Lunden will feature a solo show at C4 projects in Copenhagen.

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