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Agenda After the Academy

Lena Ditte Nissen: ALLIANCE

December 12, 2020, 19:00–20:30PM

Every six-month Art Hub invites a group of newly graduated artists to organize a series of public events to challenge taught theories and to develop new languages and new perceptions. We call it Agenda After the Academy.

This autumn, the Copenhagen-based artist collective Subterranean Video Art Club (S.V.A.C.) is selected to arrange a series of lectures and workshops for fellow artists.

On Saturday, December 12, the fifth event is being held: An online film screening and talk by artist and film maker Lena Ditte Nissen.

Lena Ditte Nissen has created a series of experimental short works on analogue film, which in a personal and often elliptical and dreamy language channels a subjective view on the world. At this online session, she will share her short film THERE IS, and present her longterm research project REFLEXIVE ALLIANCE which deals with questions of transgenerational transfer of knowledge and experience.


The event is in English.

Zoom registration via

This lecture is organized and hosted by artist Lou Mouw, in association with Subterranean Video Art Club.


Lena Ditte Nissen is a German/Danish artist and film maker. Her most recent work, THERE IS, which premiered at CPH DOX this year, is a portrait, and a new variation on her method. Before the camera, we encounter the formidable 87-year-old artist Margaret Raspé who works in photography, film, drawing and other art forms. Regardless of the medium, automatisms play a significant role in her art. Nissen transcends the traditional limits of the portrait genre and has created a congenial and loving tribute to a unique creative mind.

The second project Lena will present is her long term research project REFLEXIVE ALLIANCE. The background of that project, which also forms part of her PhD at Kunstuniversität Linz, is the Nazi background of her German family which she digs into using psychoanalytical group sessions led by a group analyst. Lena will tell about the process and the collaborations involved and also show excerpts of a performance and a video installation that she created based on those analysis sessions.


Agenda After the Academy is a platform for newly educated artists who wish to set their own agenda post-graduation. By open calls, Art Hub invites a group of young artists every six months to organize a series of public events that unfolds the ideas of their artistic work. With Agenda After the Academy, Art Hub strives to offer a forum for artistic development for younger artists, who find themselves between institutions. A forum where taught thoughts and theories can be challenges and where a new language and new perceptions can be developed.


This autumn, the Copenhagen-based artist collective Subterranean Video Art Club (S.V.A.C.) arranges United in Unity, a series of lectures and workshops, continuing their ongoing collective process and critic sessions hosted by Art Hub in the spring of 2020. The series circulates around the topics of independent community building, connectivity and kinship in the digital age. Hereby a range of artists, researchers and technicians are invited to give a variety of answers on strategies to establish, continue and reproduce collective process-based learning and interconnectivity in the realm of the arts.

Art Hub : is an international art institution aimed at supporting the young contemporary art scene