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Mini seminar: Roomservice 3 – guesting other territories

30 September 2021 04.00 PM - 07.00 PM
Art Hub Copenhagen Halmtorvet 27, 1700 København V

Room Service – guesting other territories is a series of conversations about the ethical dilemmas and cultural conflicts associated with creating art projects in public spaces. What is the best way to act as an artist or curator in other people’s territories? How do you enter cultural contexts that have completely different rules, social codes and notions of art that may be different from those by which you are shaped?

Room Service was devised by the art agency Another Public and is run in collaboration with various venues and actors in the global art world. On Thursday 30 September, Art Hub will host the third edition of Room Service - a mini-seminar that will focus on socially engaged art in the light of the current debate on representation, identity, and colonial power dynamics.

In recent years, it has become more popular in Denmark to move art out into new social and cultural contexts. However, an international countertrend has emerged that favours art produced in the context of the reality in which it is rooted.

Under what conditions can it still be legitimate to enter the territories of other people under the impression of being able to create positive change for them? This is one of the questions we aim to tackle in this seminar.

In conversation with an invited panel of experienced art producers, we will discuss tangible methods and social strategies for a successful project. We will address such issues as hospitality, equality and the equalisation of balances of power in an attempt to identify dilemmas and come up with new ways of continuing to create art for, and with people other than those who are similar to us.

To assist in this attempt, we have invited a panel consisting of the curator Charlotte Bagger Brandt (DK) and the artists Kenneth Balfelt (DK), Vincent Rumahloine (ID) and Dominique Lämmli (CH).

The seminar will be moderated by the artist/researcher Lasse Mouritzen and the curator Amalie Frederiksen from the Another Public art agency.

In addition, the artist Jesper Aabille will help create a relaxed, informal atmosphere for the seminar with his performative hospitality happening, Five Finger Punch, featuring a punch menu served during the event and accompanied by little stories about the cultural-historical origins of each type of punch.


Room Service 3 – guesting other territories

Thursday, September 30, 2021 from 4.00 to 7.00 pm.

Art Hub Copenhagen

Halmtorvet 27

1700 Copenhagen V

You can sign up via Billetto.

If you have questions about the event, please email Camilla Jensen (Head of Communication) at


Another Public is an art agency that curates and promotes art projects in different social contexts with the vision of engaging people in their environment and taking art out of its usual context. Another Public was the brainchild of Amalie Frederiksen and was launched in 2019.

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