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Testing Ground

Precarious Film Practice #3

September 14, 2021, 16:00–19:00PM, Halmtorvet 27, 1700 Copenhagen V

Precarious Film Practice. Foto: Christian Brems

All spots for the workshop is now taken.


On Tuesday 14 September, together with the artists Eva la Cour, Rasmus Brink Pedersen, Mia Edelgart and Joen Vedel, Art Hub invites you to the workshop ‘Precarious Film Practice #3’. The artists will introduce and try to demystify the nature and potential of live editing – both conceptually and technically. In addition to being a commonly used method in mainstream television production, for the artists live editing is a kind of machine that can make tangible airy conversations about complex topics, problems, sensitivities and aesthetic points of attraction, being shared and mixed, while giving shape to these conversations.

The workshop will comprise a series of presentations in which the artists will exemplify, put into perspective and discuss their mutual interests in live editing as a method. Meanwhile, the presentations will be filmed from different cameras and angles, which those attending the workshop will help operate and edit while streaming live.

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Theory and practice will merge throughout the workshop, and the attendees will be invited into the process of film production. In this sense, the term ‘precarious’ is meant to indicate a concern with ‘aesthetics of potential’, when understood as an aesthetic that embraces both technical glitches, errors and social impulse.


PLEASE NOTE: The workshop will be in Danish.

Participation is free, but the number of attendees is limited. Registration is mandatory via Billetto. Registration ends on 12 September.

In this series, the artists Eva La Cour, Mia Edelgart and Joen Vedel set out to use live editing as a method of articulating issues of representation, historicity, temporality and technological agency in training and the ‘nurturing’ of affective sensitivity and attention. Live editing is a form of cinematic practice in which the sequence of images is not arranged in a pre-established narrative and temporal structure, but instead is performed in front of an audience in new combinations of live recordings and existing material. Live editing thereby paves the way for new groupings that hover between thinking and image, archive and social process. In this context, as a performative and situated cinematic expression, the film’s technological conditions and visual expression encounter bodies, time and space.

Precarious Film Training is part of Art Hub’s ‘Testing Ground’ programme series, in which artistic researchers can put their ideas and methods to the test. It is a forum in which they can try out their artistic process in front of an audience or their peers. Artists can validate relevant themes and share their research in a new, experimental space, in a region somewhere between academic and artistic practice, between studio and exhibition space.

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