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Why Words Now :

Post Brothers

6 October 2020 06.00 PM - 08.00 PM
Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi Nyhavn 2, 1051 Copenhagen

For this second Why Words Now lecture, Art Hub and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts welcomes Post Brothers, an enthusiast, word processor, and curator.

Post Brother's lecture, titled "A Tongue Without a Body, Which Writes", will discuss practices of word processing within and around art. Considering how cultural objects drive specific textual logics, this presentation will address the use and abuse of words, as well as the peculiar and precarious labor of putting words in artists’ and institutions' mouths.


Join us at the School of Sculpture, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, on Tuesday, October 6, at 6pm.

Due to Covid-19, we provide only a limited number of seats. Masks and sanitizers will be available.

The lecture will be in English.



Post Brothers is a critical enterprise that includes Matthew Post, an enthusiast, word processor, and curator, often engaged in artist-centered projects and collaborations, or occupying the secondary information surrounding cultural production. From 2016 through 2019, Post Brothers was the curator at Kunstverein München in Munich, Germany.

Post Brothers has curated exhibitions and presented projects in Poland, Mexico, Canada, Spain, the United States, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Latvia, The Netherlands, and China. His essays and articles have been published in Annual Magazine, the Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt, Cura, Fillip, Kaleidoscope, Mousse, Nero, Art Papers, Pazmaker, Punkt, Spike Art Quarterly, and TANK magazine, as well as in a litany of artist publications and exhibition catalogues.

Post Brothers also regularly participates in exhibitions with text-based and performative contributions, and lectures and teaches seminars throughout Europe. He lives in Kolonia Koplany, a small village in Eastern Poland, and works everywhere and anywhere.


Why Words Now is a series of lectures aimed at introducing audiences in Copenhagen to some of the most important thinkers of today. In partnership with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Sculpture, Art Hub brings international artists, critics, curators and art historians to Copenhagen to present their work and in different ways answer the question about what the role of language is and can be in the space of the visual arts.

Why Words Now is curated by artist and academy professor Simon Dybbroe Møller, and independent curator and PhD student at Aarhus University Helga Just Christoffersen. Why Words Now is kindly supported by the Danish Art Foundation.

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