Mia Edelgart: "Untitled", still, 2020. Photo: Heine Thorhauge
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Workshop :

Mia Edelgart & Hannah Lutz

26 November 2020 04.00 PM - 06.00 PM
Art Hub Copenhagen Halmtorvet 27, 1700 København V

Come along and take a nap in the name of anti-productivity on Thursday, November 26, at 4-6pm, when Art Hub invites visual artist Mia Edelgart and writer Hannah Lutz to host a Workshop.

Sleep, rest and circularity is at the center of the hosts’ practices. They will be reading out loud from various texts while the audiences lie down and as relaxed as possible sit back and listen.

The texts will touch upon the subject of sleep in a broad sense, moving through genres, time, across species and borders, creating a web of various life and lifeforms that all share the urgent need to rest.

The readings will last about an hour following a 30 minutes conversation about sleepiness and the status of sleep in art, literature and everyday life.


The event is in Danish and you are required to bring your own blanket. The texts vary between Danish, English and Swedish.

Due to the covid-19 situation the number of seats is limited. Facemasks and hand sanitizer will be available.

Art Hub will be serving snacks and drinks during the event.


Visual artist Mia Isabel Edelgart (f. 1984, Denmark) works primarily with video and sculpture in variating collective and singular processes. Her works unfold in relation to long-lasting amateur research processes and she has worked with questions relating to reproductive work, bees, pollinators, childhood and breastfeeding.

Springing from an interest in relational intelligence, knowledge hierarchies and learning processes Edelgart often work at the crossover of text-based information and situated experience-based knowledge. Besides her production of artworks, she is part of various self-organized (art)schools as a way of facilitating alternative spaces for learning- and de-learning.

Hannah Lutz (f. 1984, Finland) is a fiction writer, writing both novels, poems and radio dramatics. She teaches in creative writing at Forfatterskolen PS! for the mentally week and at Vallekilde Højskole. She is interested in how the fictional text can reach bodies, which kind of bodies and life the text makes possible, and in what it means to have a feminist artistic practice. Hannah also works collectively with organizing autonomous schools, archives and economies in collaboration with other writers and artists.


At Art Hub’s workshops we invite an artist or art group to develop and hold a workshop that is open to the public and gives participants the opportunity to experience artists’ methodology and working process – a good way to experience the diverse ways different contemporary artists work live. Art Hub workshops can be held on our own premises, in the artist’s studio, in the city or forest, on the beach, or somewhere else entirely.

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