Open Call : S+T+ARTS Residencies

“Repairing the Present” is a pan-European S+T+ARTS project, as part of which Art Hub will offer 2 Artists Fellowships in 2022. The two fellowships include residencies at Art Hub dedicated to ecological sustainability from the point of view of space migration and blockchain technology.

S+T+ARTS, which stands for ‘Science and Technology in the Arts’, is an EU Commission initiative funded by the Commission. “Repairing the Present” consists of a total of 12 regional S+T+ARTS centres in 11 different countries. Art Hub is one of these centres. In a variety of ways, the entire project will tackle the current, critical challenges of our age on the basis of interdisciplinary collaborations between art, research and industry.

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The project aims to create a reconfiguration of societal, cultural and economic structures. This calls for artists who can act as catalysts for sustainable change by collaborating actively with both research and industry.

To this end, 12 regional centres have identified 21 specific challenges that will form the themes for the 21 artists’ fellowships/residencies included in this open call.

“We are delighted to offer two Repairing the Present residencies at Art Hub. The S+T+ARTS project, which involves representatives from important European partners, is the result of a high-level political prioritisation of the role of art in the transition to a sustainable society,” says Lars Bang Larsen, director at Art Hub.

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The two challenges that form the themes for the residencies at Art Hub are:

How might we understand space migration? What would decolonising Mars be like?

Humankind is going to Mars, and regardless of what we are going to find in outer space, we will need to face ourselves when we get there – including the relationship to our others, to so-called virgin territory, and to the damaged planet Earth.We invite applications to address the imaginaries and implications of space travel and migration in the dialectic between life in space and life on Earth.

More information about the challenge.

How might we navigate and negotiate a blockchain society?

Blockchain technologies open the door to reconfigurations of the economy and the social fabric. We invite applications to explore the promises and potentials of blockchain from the point of view of their symbolic and systemic aspects, including their consequences for representation and contemporary systems of knowledge and power.

More information about the challenge.

“Our focus on these two challenges represents an attempt to identify themes that are key to the correlation between new technology and sustainable development. Hopefully they can also have a stimulatory effect vis-à-vis historical imagination in art. Where are we heading right now? And who exactly are this collective ‘we’?” Lars Bang Larsen says on the choice of themes.



This open call applies to all 21 fellowships/residences. In selecting the artists, there will be a focus on a strong motivation to make active use of art and artistic processes to generate new ideas, to create beneficial behavioural changes, to combat climate change and, in general, to make cities and communities more sustainable. We will also look at specific experience in the field of applying different technologies to artistic practice.

More information about application requirements etc.


This open call is for professional artists (individuals or groups) who are interested in working across disciplines. The selected artists will have the costs of travel, accommodation and living covered during their residency in Copenhagen, together with a grant for producing works. The 21 fellowships/residencies will conclude with an exhibition of the works at MAXXI, the Italian museum of contemporary art in Rome.


Applications must be submitted online. The deadline for applications is 21 November 2021.

Further information about the application process will be available from 18 October at 5pm in an online info session: ZOOM:, Meeting ID: 984 4562 5455, Passcode: 448457.

This project has received funding from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology under grant agreement LC01641664.

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