Considered to be Allies (DK/FR)

Artist Duo


Considered to be Allies is an artistic duo consisting of Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen (DK, 1989) and Margaux Parillaud (FR, 1989). In 2014 they graduated Cum laude from De Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam with a joint project. They have worked together since. Considered to be Allies exhibits internationally. During the summer of 2022 they can be experienced in Denmark at Art Hub on 2 June and at Rudolph Tegners Museum 19 June – 14 August.

Artist statement:

We are a French/Danish artist duo and have since 2014 worked under the collaborative name Considered to be Allies. Our practice is dynamically interchanging between our individual experience of the world and our mutual relationship. We consider our work a political practice that merges our dualities in one unified entity, deliberately working against the contemporary polarizing of society. Our work is fascinated by mediation and asks questions about how our perception of reality and opinion making is influenced by history, mythology, pop culture as well as the “collective memory” of the subconsciousness.
Often we use familiar clichés and tropes as an entrance point. These become the visible and tangible surface symptoms of the underlying problems we wish to address.
Departing from the safe and comfortable, we journey through circular structures of infinite loops and holes. Slowly, we´re pushed out of orbit until we land in an absurd and distorted reality.
Here, we´re positioned just far enough from the everyday to reflect on it from a distance.
In order to stay grounded and not completely lose our heads in the clouds, we root our practice in a materiality and remain curious of the tactile and uncontrollable properties of materials.
This is expressed through costumes, sets, props and the installation that we consider equal to our conceptual departure point. We wish to explore the role of materials in creating new stories and of reshaping the assumed fabric of space and time and we wish to create new connections between the spiritual, the mysterious and the material life of our daily lives.

Image from the performance “Buddies of Water”, Miami, Florida. Photo: Kevin Arrow.

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