The Algorithmic Theatre (DK)

Artist Group


The Algorithmic Theatre is a work collective and artistic research project, operating at the cross-section of stage arts, visual arts, and programming. It investigates how algorithms affect our bodies, identities, and societies, and directs a critical and investigative gaze at algorithmic control, surveillance, and the digitization of our lives.

The Algorithmic Theatre has existed as an ongoing investigative project since 2020 and is currently working on the development of an algorithmic format for the stage arts, leading up to a performance-installation at Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art in 2023. In parallel a discursive events program is under development.

The core members are Writer and Visual Artist Kristian Byskov, Dramatist and Director Kristian Husted, Curator and Program Developer Tina Ryoon Andersen, and Dramaturg Pernille Kragh. The Algorithmic Theatre collaborates with Art Hub Copenhagen, TOASTER and IDA, and is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and The Bikuben Foundation.

The Algorithmic Theatre : Testing Ground

Kristian Husted and Kristian Byskov are currently artists in residence at Art Hub Copenhagen’s Testing Ground Research Residency. During the one-month residency Husted and Byskov will develop the concept for The Memory Machine Game, an algorithmic format that can be used as an artistic tool. Professors and students from the departments of Law (KU), Computer Science (KU) and Digital Design (ITU) will be co-developing the format throughout a workshop at Art Hub Copenhagen. Further, a research journal will be developed as part of the residency. The work-in-progress will be presented at a Free Lunch event in April, where Husted and Byskov will be in conversation with curator, Tina Ryoon Andersen.

The Algorithmic Theatre. Photo: Christian Brems.

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