Connectedness – kinship(s) and circularity

From fall 2020, Art Hub udfolds a program called Connectedness – kinship(s) and circularity. By hosting morning dialogues, workshops and international panel debates, Art Hub aims to put artistic research firmly on the agenda.

Photo: Ramiro Sonzini

This program contains the following event series:


Morning Sessions is a series of curated early-morning conversations over a cup of coffee. Once a month Art Hub invites a leading artist to use one of the five thematic threads of the program to tell us about their practice and pave the way for a wide-ranging dialogue on artistic research and knowledge creation.


At Art Hub’s workshops we invite an artist or art group to develop and hold a workshop that is open to the public and gives participants the opportunity to experience artists’ methodology and working process – a good way to experience the diverse ways different contemporary artists work live. Art Hub workshops can be held on our own premises, in the artist’s studio, in the city or forest, on the beach, or somewhere else entirely.


Gathering is a series of moderated conversations, exchanges of ideas, and experiments between 8-12 national and international artists and specialists within various disciplines. Albeit their, indeed, very different angles and methods, all participants work with and investigate one of the five above mentioned themes. Every or every other month Art Hub invites the public to listen to and engage in a gathering full of mini-lectures, debates, tests, and experiments in an relaxed atmosphere of presence, engagement, interesting thoughts about new (and sometimes lost) ways of inhabiting Earth, all led by a competent moderator.


Artists often operate in dialogues and collaborations across borders of disciplines and competences. Art Hub wishes to support and facilitate such transdisciplinary exchanges by actively build operative networks and professional partnerships with other institutions, firms, and agents.

Based on what we call the five threads of connectedness, we offer a forum for exploring, debating and developing the concept and the complex issues it raises in terms of circulation, resources, different forms of care, territoriality, and the fragile membrane that envelops our planet and within which all living organisms are inextricably linked. We believe artistic research can provide unique insight into the challenges and complexities of human connectedness.

You can read more about the five thematic threads here.

Connectedness– kinship(s) and circularity is curated by Marianne Krogh, Artistic Advisor at Art Hub, and cultural geographer Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland.

The program is generously supported by The Novo Nordisk Foundation.

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