AHC welcomes two PhD students in artistic research

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has recently awarded research grants to visual artists, and among them are Sidsel Meineche Hansen and Fatma Bucak, who for the next three years will conduct artistic research with AHC as artistic host institution.

From the left: Sidsel Meineche Hansen: Daddy Mould, 2018. Fatma Bucak: And so we were told, 2020, installation view, Act of Erasure, MOCA Toronto © Toni Hafkenscheid

As a part of our commitment to support practice-based researchers, AHC offers hosting for PhD and postdoc projects in practice-based artistic and curatorial research.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF) is the main funding source in Denmark for practice-based PhD grants, and in order to apply, two separate agreements for institutional hosting are required: one from an art institution, and one from a Danish university.

This year, three visual artists receive support for PhD projects, and two of them are Sidsel Meineche Hansen and Fatma Bucak, whose research projects will be anchored at the University of Copenhagen and AHC as artistic host institution.

Titled Shared Disasters and the Sound of the Sunset Sun, Fatma Bucak’s PhD is a project on climate change and its direct and indirect relation to state violence, specifically examining how opera and performance as medium can be reconnected to its time to address climate change and challenge the prevailing ideas around the discourse on environmental destruction and violence.

Sidsel Meineche Hansen’s PhD project is titled Post-human sex: an artistic inquiry into automated sex and the new pornographic language of algorithmic visualization. Of particular interest to the project is how the gendering and racialisation of humanoid design affect post-human sex. By using an interdisciplinary and post-humanist approach, this project asks: which and whose desires have been central to the development of sexual technologies?

Head of Art & Research at AHC, Lars Bang Larsen, says:

“We are thrilled to welcome Fatma Bucak and Sidsel Meineche Hansen as our new artistic PhDs. Fatma and Sidsel both have established practices at the forefront of contemporary art, and they are very deserving recipients of Mads Øvlisen PhD Scholarships in practice-based artistic research. At AHC they will be hosted in our group of researchers and contribute to our programme with their findings and new projects.”

Fatma Bucak and Sidsel Meineche Hansen will start their work at AHC on 1 September 2024. Read more about them and their projects via the purple links above.

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