Four artists selected for Art Hub Residency fall 2024

AHC welcomes four new artists to the Art Hub Residency, who will be working from their studios at the Container Academy in the fall. The four artists are Jasmin Werner, Kirstine Aarkrog, Niels Munk Plum and Michiel Ceulers.

Excerpt of works from left to right: Jasmin Werner: selbsttragend III (selection Juanita Acupan-Werner), 2023. Photo: Simon Vogel. Kirstine Aarkrog: Ion exchange, 2021. Photo: GRAYSC. Niels Munk Plum: Easy Form Hard, 2024. Photo: Trine Struwe. Michiel Ceulers: L’esprit des lois bédéistes, 2022-23

From September to January 2025, Jasmin Werner, Kirstine Aarkrog, Niels Munk Plum and Michiel Ceulers will move into the studio community at the Container Academy in Nordhavn and take part in the Art Hub Residency program, focusing on networking, contemplation and production.

As an addition to this fall’s residency, a Flemish artist included has been selected through the AHC program Flanders – a residency which aims to create exchange between the Danish and Flemish art scenes. You can read more about Flanders here.

The three remaining artists have been selected from 240 Danish and international applicants based on an open call by a jury consisting of Tone Bonnén (art consultant and newly appointed curator of Heartland Festival), Andreas Nilsson (curator at Moderna Museet in Malmö) and Marie Braad Larsen (curator at Art Hub Copenhagen) .

During the residency, the four new residents will take part in a program where, among other things, they will meet selected curators and mentors as well as participate in a visiting program to a number of art institutions in Denmark. There is no production requirement in the residency, but as part of the program the four residents will, in their own way, convey parts of their practice in a public format.

You can read the jury statements below:

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Jasmin Werner: selbsttragend III (selection Juanita Acupan-Werner), 2023. Photo: Simon Vogel.

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Kirstine Aarkrog: Ion exchange, 2021. Photo: GRAYSC.

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Niels Munk Plum: Easy Form Hard, 2024. Photo: Trine Struwe.

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Michiel Ceulers: L’esprit des lois bédéistes, 2022-23

Jasmin Werner responds in her work to social, historical, and architectural conditions in a highly personal visual and playful language. The playfulness in its aesthetics combined with both intellectual and social references caught the jury’s attention. Often the work relates to current political situations, transnational movements, and economical power structures. The jury believes that the artist’s special interest regarding art in public space, and how to reach a broader audience could be further developed taking part in the Art Hub Residency and to connect to the artistic community of the Copenhagen and Malmö region.

“Sculpture”, is how Kirstine Aarkrog humbly defines her highly delicate work. The work follows a precise (post)minimalist aesthetic tradition combined with a Science Fiction topping that takes it into the future of the 21st Century. Beneath the surface, it also contains references to, among others, complex and important discussions on nuclear power, sexuality, violence, and intimacy. With a clear idea on how to use the time at the Art Hub Residency, the jury is looking forward to follow and support Kirstine Aarkrogs further artistic development within her field.

Recent graduate performance artist Niels Munk Plum already shows a great matureness in his work. With a strong belief in the power of arts capability, Munk Plum uses the body as his main tool, as well as queer- and art theory, to pose questions and raise awareness of surrounding power structures and normative thinking. Having been away from the Danish art scene during his education in Oslo and Malmö, the Art Hub Residency will be of great support for Niels Munk Plum to connect to Denmark again. With a well thought out approach to the mentor and curator program, the jury believes that the AHC Residency Fall 2024 will be a productive continuation of Munk Plum’s blooming career.

Michiel Ceulers has a very exiting practice both as an abstract painter experimenting with narrative and form, but also as a performer and writer. We are therefore very excited that Ceulers will take part in our Art Hub Copenhagen residency from 1 of September 2024 to the 31st of January 2025. We are convinced that Ceulers will be able to expand his network through the framework of the residency program and that AHC will be able to support his up-coming exhibition in Denmark, yet to be revealed.

The first Art Hub Residency took place in 2019. It is one of Art Hub Copenhagen’s three different residency programmes.

Focusing on networking, contemplation, and production, Art Hub Residency basically offers a studio, a monthly fee, a production budget, and a programme of development and discussion/feedback based on the needs of each individual artist.

Art Hub Copenhagen actively aims to create and expand artists’ networks both at home and abroad.

As well as the importance of networking, Art Hub Residency provides the artists with time for contemplation and/or production. There is no requirement to produce work during the residency, so the time can be tailored to suit the process of each artist. It might involve research and studies, putting ideas to the test or actual production. There is also the option, by appointment, of a short working residency at the Danish Art Workshops.

One of the requirements of the programme is that, during their residency, each artist must present their practice, research, work, or project to the public. The form of presentation is up to the artist. It could be a talk, a podcast, a video, a text, a small exhibition, a performance, or something completely different. The presentations, shaped and organised in collaboration with each individual artist, are publicised as part of Art Hub Copenhagen’s events programme.

You can read more about the residency and see all the previous resident artists here.

Art Hub Residency is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund, Talent Norge, Flanders – Department of Culture, Youth and Media, and the Danish Art Workshops.

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