Funding : Grants : New Collaborations

Over the past six months, Art Hub Copenhagen has applied for and received funding from a number of different foundations, and entered into numerous new collaborations.

New fundings and collaborations

We are delighted to announce that Art Hub has received a 3-year operating grant from the Bikuben Foundation for 2022 to 2024. The grant enables us, among other things, to continue our many established programmes, including Free Lunch, Testing Ground, BARx, residencies etc. In 2022, Art Hub is also taking over the Bikuben Foundation’s Studio Programme and Artistic Practice in the field of visual arts.

Art Hub Residency, which continuously offers artists individual development programmes in Art Hub’s premises on Halmtorvet, has received funding from Talent Norway and the Nordic Culture Fund – also for 2022-2024. Art Hub has also received funding from the Danish Arts Foundation for a collaborative project with Kunsten som Forum. On the basis of a series of workshops, a seminar and a publication, we will shed light on various perspectives and insights in discussions about ‘identity politics’ and decolonisation. The project will kick off in May with a talk by the artist Dierk Schmith.

The Danish Arts Foundation has also funded a collaboration between Art Hub and Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx), which will be sharing the premises at Halmtorvet 27 with us from 2022. We will start the collaboration with a series of discussions and events tackling the intersection between art and architecture. For example, we will air such topics as the role of the state in the collaboration between art and architecture, and sustainable art and architecture. This collaboration is also funded by Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond.

Last but not least, in collaboration with Kunsthal Trondheim (Norway), State of Concept (Greece) and Tropical Papers (France), Art Hub has instigated a major EU project – Attention, Algorithms and Social Justice – to be launched in summer 2022. A two-year research project, it will look at the role that algorithms play in relation to blind spots and preconception in the digital world, and how this impacts and shapes racial justice. Amongst other things, the project will culminate in an exhibition and a seminar.

Art Hub looks forward to embarking on the countless new collaborations and seeing the projects take shape. We also look forward to welcoming the new artists in residence who will arrive during the summer and autumn and, in general, to continue our work with, and on behalf of art.

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