Three artists selected for Residency To Go 2024

From 1 October, AHC welcomes Maj Kjærsig, Ditte Soria and Therese Bülow to Residency To Go.

Excerpt of works from left to right: Maj Kjærsig: Sculptures in the workshop, 2023. Photo: Maj Kjærsig. Therese Bülow: Sack-time, 2023. Photo: Therese Bülow & Matteo Cantarella. Ditte Soria: It wasn’t so much the case that foreground and background became one, but that I was evenly distributed throughout, 2019.

AHC’s Residency To Go is a residency that takes place in the artist’s own studio and is organised so that it is possible to participate, regardless of where in the country you live. This means that the program is only for visual artists who already have their own studio but want sparring and support to develop their practice as an artist.

In addition, Residency To Go is a program dedicated to artists who live outside the urban area of Copenhagen (in Danish: Storkøbenhavn). This is because AHC is not only present locally in Copenhagen and internationally, but also works transnationally with a holistic understanding of the Danish art scene. In other words, Residency To Go aims to offer development opportunities to visual artists who live far from the capital, as well as to include a number of non-Copenhagen art institutions in the program and thus support that the Danish art scene remains geographically diverse.

From 1 October 2024, AHC welcomes six new artists. The artists are:

Maj Kjærsig, Ditte Soria and Therese Bülow.

The three artists are all based in different places in Denmark and will be part of a five-month program, a significant part of which consists of networking, sparring sessions with curators and mentors, based in Denmark and Skåne, as well as sparring with AHC’s artistic director and an advisory session with an art consultant.

The artists have been chosen on the basis of an open call by a jury, consisting of curator and co-director of Heirloom, Stine Hebert, curator and director of Glass – Museum of Glass Art, Mikkel Hammer Elming and curator at AHC Marie Braad Larsen.

Read their jury statements below:

1 / 3

Maj Kjærsig: 1_2_3_4_Æ_B_C_C_2_5_1_1_I_LOVE_YOU, OK Corral, 2024. Photo: Maj Kjærsig.

2 / 3

YEARS (Ditte Soria): I don’t want to live, I don’t want to die. Den Frie, 2019. Photo: David Stjernholm.

3 / 3

Therese Bülow: Også vi blev et stykke inventar, forarbejdet og høvlet til, 2023. Photo: Therese Bülow & Matteo Cantarella.

Maj Kjærsig has a poetic and sculptural view of the auditory manifestations and resonances in our surroundings. With a curious and sensual approach, a performative and installation space is created to explore new listening experiences. The jury wishes to award a residency program at AHC to further develop and consolidate Maj Kjærsig’s practice and expand the curatorial network.  

As co-founder of the artist collectives YEARS and Motherload, Ditte Soria has contributed to important collective curatorial platforms on the Danish art scene. With humor, nerve and “Goofy Tactics”, Soria discusses the role of the artist, parenthood, social order and its equal. The jury wants to support Ditte Soria’s opportunity to further develop her solo practice and writing practice via a residency program at AHC.

With a convincing sculptural practice and a strong understanding of materials, Therese Bülow investigates the body and the interfaces of nature. Therese Bülow already has an active exhibition practice and participates in several collaborative projects. The jury wants to add professional support to support further impact for Bülow’s practice and work.

Residency To Go was previously offered and managed by Bikubenfonden under the title Atelier program TO GO, but has now been taken over by Art Hub Copenhagen.

Read more about Residency To Go here.

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