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Art Hub Film Club

Art Hub Copenhagen (AHC) invites you to enter the darkness of the cinema to experience the new season of Art Hub Film Club – presented and curated by the Berlin-based artist, Loretta Fahrenholz.

Aurora Residency

Aurora Residency is a new residency in Paris for Nordic artists, created and run by Art Hub Copenhagen (AHC), Le Bicolore – Maison du Danemark, and Fondation Fiminco.


Wintanworks is a residency-exchange program between AHC in Denmark and the artist/curator collective blaxTARLINES KUMASI in Ghana. The program is part of Artistic Production and Development.

Art Hub Residency

Art Hub Copenhagen (AHC) works to help artists along with their careers. We do this by inviting artists in residence at Halmtorvet in Copenhagen. The program is part of Artistic Production & Development.

Free Lunch Series

Art Hub Copenhagen (AHC) invites the art world and public to a free vegetarian lunch where they can enjoy an informal conversation with a young, professional visual artist.


In our efforts to give time, space and voice to artists and the artistic experiment, Art Hub Copenhagen publishes books in three series, respectively Interview, Theory and Other.

Research Hosting

As part of our focus area Art & Research, Art Hub Copenhagen functions as a hosting institution for PhD and postdoc projects within practice-based research on art and curating.

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Art Hub Copenhagen (AHC) is a facilitating, experimental and network-creating art institution in Copenhagen.

In our efforts to give time, space and voice to artistic experimentation, we offer residencies for artists, international artistic development programs, interdisciplinary communities and public events, that present and discuss artistic work and research.

AHC is for visual artists, for researchers, for collaborators, and for anyone who is curious about contemporary art.

You can read more about our focus areas here and programs here.

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Selected profiles

  • Bartek Arobal Kociemba (PL)

    Bartek Arobal Kociemba (1984) is Copenhagen-based Polish visual artist, spiritual teacher, and co-founder of artist-run VLP Gallery

  • Liesel Burisch (DK/DE)

    Liesel Burisch (DK/DE) is an artist, writer, and birth activist/worker

  • Nanna Starck (DK)

    Nanna Starck’s sculptural artistic practice is centred around the relief with a focus on the grotesque body, the abject, gender and sexuality. Starck’s work with the sculptural body as a political tool uses boundary-pushing scenarios to address topics like alienation of the body in society, feminism and body positivity

AHC : gives time, space and voices to artistic experimentation