Art Hub is opening an exhibition at Thoravej

A former industrial building in the northwest district of Copenhagen will provide the setting for a large-scale presentation of Danish and international contemporary art. 17 September – 31 October 2021.

In 2023, Art Hub Copenhagen will move from its current premises at Halmtorvet in Copenhagen into a newly renovated building at Thoravej 29 in the northwest district of the capital. Before the renovation of the former factory building commences, in collaboration with Bikubenfonden (the owner of the building), Art Hub has given five curators the opportunity to transform each floor into a temporary exhibition space, presenting work by one or more contemporary artists.

Focus on growth segment
“Art Hub promotes and works with the growth segment of the contemporary art world. The premises on Thoravej currently has 7,000 m2 of empty space. It seems obvious to use all that wonderful space to celebrate the Copenhagen and Danish art scene by presenting work by some of the countless talents we have. That’s why we have given free rein to five curators to make use of the space as they see fit. Together with Bikubenfonden we are making the premises available, and funding and promoting the project, but it is the curators who will create the exhibitions. It is a test, an experiment and I can’t wait to see what happens, they come up with on the five different floors,” says Jacob Fabricius, Director of Art Hub.

The five curators are: Feminist Collective With No Name (FCNN), Institut Funder Bakke, Culture Art Society (CAS), Kristian Vistrup Madsen and Mette Woller.

Works and contributions by the following artists will feature in the exhibition: Jeannette Ehlers, Santiago Mostyn, Nikhill Vettukattil, Jelsen Lee Innocent, Andromeda 8220 v. Aysha Amin, Tolia Astakhishvili, Bamses Billedbog, Tiddy, Karim Boumjimar, Lydia Östberg Diakité, D.N.A., Rochelle Goldberg, Liv Latricia Habel, Mia Edelgart / Sebastian Hedevang, Noah Umur Kanber, Paul McCarthy, Ruby Mariama Laura Andersen Ndoye, Vera Palme, Michala Paludan, Spaghetti Clurb and Young Boy Dancing Group etc.

Identity, gender, body and exploration of the architectural space
Given that each of the five curators are free to create an exhibition they consider suitable for the premises, there is no single, overriding theme to unite the exhibitions on the five floors. However, the selection of artists and works will feature some common traits, tackling as they do the themes of identity, gender, body and exploration of site-specific art and the architectural space.

The exhibitions at Thoravej 29 will be complemented by a programme introducing the curators, artists and works in various ways. Further information about the programme will be published regularly on this website.

The future of the building
After moving into the building in 2023, Art Hub will set up artists’ studios, workshops, a stage and many other elements to support Art Hub’s effort to promote contemporary art in new experimental forms, while being part of a larger community in the building.

The building on Thoravej is owned by Bikubenfonden. In addition to Art Hub, it will house the Skitse art shop, which aims to make the working process of today’s visual artists visible and accessible. Other tenants will include the association Hjem til Alle (‘Housing for Everyone’), which aims to combat homelessness among young people, and not forgetting Bikubenfonden itself. The latter will make active use of the building to create a community that brings together some of the most innovative players in the fields of social work and art.


Thoravej 29
17 September – 31 Oktober 2021
Thursday – Sunday  1-6 pm

Thoravej 29-31
2400 København NV

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