Five artists selected for Summerworks 2024

In July this year, five artists who work with printmaking will go to New York with AHC’s residency program Summerworks. They are Adele Rannes, Gregor Fuchs, Elisabeth Molin, Rosita Kær and Laurits Malthe Gulløv.

Excerpt of works from left to right: Elisabeth Molin: I’m still wearing his jacket, 2023. Photo: Luigi Lamar. Rosita Kær: Her Eternal Slumber Cut Short, 2023. Photo: Youngjae Lih. Gregor Fuchs: Hug with clipper. Photo: Kirrily Hammond. Adele Rannes: Cydonia, 2021. Photo: Adele Rannes. Laurits Gulløv: Fjeldet. Photo: Laurits Gulløv

In previous years, AHC has selected four artists for Summerworks, but this year it has been possible to select as many as five for the program, which takes place at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (EFA) in New York.

The artists are selected on the basis of an Open Call and a jury, consisting of artist, curator and former Summerworks resident Rebecca Krasnik, art historian and curator at the Kastrupgård Collection –Museum for Modern Graphics (Kastrupgårdsamlingen) Louise Banke and Marie Braad Larsen, curator and head of the Summerworks program at AHC.

The selected artists in 2024 are: Adele Rannes, Gregor Fuchs, Elisabeth Molin, Rosita Kær and Laurits Malthe Gulløv.

This year, the jury has focused on selecting a dynamic group with different educational backgrounds and different artistic practices. The jury believes that the selected group of artists will be able to benefit greatly from each other, both in terms of technical skills, but also in relation to their playful approach to graphics. This is a group that shares a sense of curiosity and wants to experiment and test the boundaries of graphic work.

Read the jury’s statements for each selected artist below.

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Elisabeth Molin: Digitus, 2023. Foto: Luigi Lamar

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Rosita Kær: Her Eternal Slumber Cut Short, 2023, installationsview. Foto: Youngjae Lih

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Gregor Fuchs: Scratch card gardens, 70x100cm. Foto: Kirrily Hammond

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Adele Rannes: Cydonia, 2021. Foto: Adele Rannes

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Laurits Malthe Gulløv: Horses. Foto: Laurits Malthe Gulløv


Adele Rannes works with graphics methods as her primary media. Rannes is technically very skilled and has solid knowledge of traditional graphic techniques. She stands out for her classic approach – both in terms of working with traditional techniques, but also in her choice of motifs. Rannes works with techniques such as etchings, mezzotints, and burnished aquatints. She lets the content of the work imitate the processes of printmaking – thereby creating a synergy between light and darkness, and between tool and content as figures and landscapes emerge from dark surfaces in her prints. At Summerworks, Rannes will get the opportunity to expand her printmaking skills while experimenting with the intense darkness in the graphic print as a tool.

Elisabeth Molin works across media from photography, video, installation, and artist’s publications. In her work she explores the periphery of space and the edges of human perception. Molin has a clear project for her stay in NY, where she will use the printmaking workshops to explore and utilize scenes and symbols from cartoons to explore themes of transformations, morphing, and the power dynamic of language and objects. At Summerworks, Elisabeth Molin will acquire new printmaking skills that will help her further expand her artistic practice.

Gregor Fuchs is a highly skilled printmaker with extensive experience and wide knowledge of the history of printmaking. In his artistic practice he works with the unpredictability and often unplannable outcome in printmaking, which develops and directs his visual language. At Summerworks, Gregor Fuchs will study the rich and diverse history of American printmakers and their practices. Furthermore, Fuchs is the most experienced printmaker in the group and could potentially be a big asset to his fellow residents, if he is willing to share his knowledge and love of printmaking with the rest of the Summerworks residents.

Laurits Gulløv’s practice spans many forms of expression and materials, and he has an exciting experimental approach to the graphic medium. In his work with printmaking, he freely combines techniques and motifs with an experimental and conceptual approach. His work deals with structural and psychological circumstances, often with references to geology, language, and digitality. At Summerworks, the professional printmaking workshop will give Laurits a framework to develop his investigative and conceptual process as he prints old photographs of Palestine in 1924, utilizing layers of different printing techniques. The refined and sometimes humble expression of the graphic medium is very suitable for realizing this specific and poetic project.

Rosita Kær has an experimental, unusual, and spatial approach to printmaking. She works with the dualities of paper and textile, garments and publications, objects, and image. In her work layers of information build up in her prints and develop into spatial and almost architectural installations. At Summerworks, Rosita will combine her sculptural and textile work with printmaking in her project inspired by a Washi Tatougami folding paper case. An exciting project that will be realized and supported by the help of the professional team at the Robert Blackburn printmaking workshop.



Summerworks is Art Hub Copenhagen’s residency program in New York, founded in partnership with The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts and the Bikuben Foundation NY. Every July a group of visual artists are selected by an external jury to participate in a programme that includes accommodation in the Bikuben Foundation’s Academic Guest House on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and studio space at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts’ printmaking workshop in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

The EFA is a charitable organisation, dedicated to providing artists working in all disciplines with access to both space and tools, and a collaborative environment that supports the development of their individual practice. Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (RBPMW), is the oldest and longest-running community print shop in the United States. Not only a co-operative printmaking workspace that provides professional-quality printmaking facilities to artists and printmakers of every skill level, EFA RBPMW is committed to inspiring and fostering its diverse artistic community. Read more here.

The Academic Guest House is situated in a large townhouse in a quiet side street near Central Park, New York. The house contains fully furnished apartments, all ready to move into. Each resident will have their own apartment, but as you are sharing a house with others, it is important to be considerate of the communal setting. Please note that the Academic Guest House does not provide accommodation for partners, spouses or children. Read more here.

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