Three artists selected for Art Hub Residency fall 2023

Art Hub Copenhagen is looking very much forward to welcome Tora Schultz, Eliyah Mesayer, and Claudia Lomoschitz to a five-month residency at Art Hub Copenhagen, starting September 2023.

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Claudia Lomoschitz: Partus Gyno Bitch Tits, performance installation, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna, 2021. Photo: Daniel Rajcsanyi.

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Tora Schultz: The devil’s contract, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm, 2021. Photo: Jean Baptiste Béranger.

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Eliyah Mesayer: The King and The Jinn, installation view, OK Corral, 2022. Photo: Christian Marx.

From September to January, Tora Schultz, Eliyah Mesayer, and Claudia Lomoschitz will be based in Art Hub Copenhagen’s three studios at Halmtorvet in Copenhagen and take part in the Art Hub Residency program, focusing on networking, contemplation and production.

The three artists have been selected from around 170 Danish and international applicants, based on an open call by a jury consisting of Henriette Heise (visual artist), Tominga M O’Donnell (Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at MUNCH), and Marie Braad Larsen (Curator at Hub Copenhagen).

During the residency the three new residents will be part of a program that amongst other things contain meetings with a selection of curators and mentors and visits at several art institutions in Denmark. The residency makes no demands in terms of production. However, each of the three residents will be required to choose their own particular way of presenting elements of their practice to the public.

Please read the jury’s statements below:

ELIYAH MESAYER graduated from the Jutland Art Academy and is based in Copenhagen. Her artistic practice is wide-ranging and encompasses poetry, performance, works on paper and installation. Central to her work is the notion of alchemy and the fictional state Illiyeen, a nation for stateless people. The jury was impressed by the formal and conceptual aspects of Mesayer’s work, and trust that she will benefit from the mentoring and network support offered by the Art Hub Residency to further establish herself in the Copenhagen art scene.

CLAUDIA LOMOSCHITZ has a wide-ranging practice encompassing text, video and performance, informed by queer feminist perspectives. She is based in Vienna, where she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts as well as at the Royal Danish Academy of Copenhagen and the University of Hamburg. The jury was impressed with her approach and clear idea of how the Art Hub Residency in Copenhagen might be used to develop her work. At AHC, Lomoschitz wants to devise new formats between performance and installation in relation to her projects Architecture of Birth and Queering the Void.

TORA SCHULTZ graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. For the Art Hub Residency, Schultz wants to expand her on-going work ‘EvaRid’ on the world’s first female crash dummy, developed by Swedish road safety researcher Astrid Linder. The jury was impressed with Schultz’s use of this project and the aesthetic medium of post-Minimalist sculpture to address wider themes of gender bias in data, language, social structures and objects.


The first Art Hub Residency took place in 2019. It is one of Art Hub Copenhagen’s three different residency programmes.

Focusing on networking, contemplation, and production, Art Hub Residency basically offers a studio, a monthly fee, a production budget, and a programme of development and discussion/feedback based on the needs of each individual artist.

Art Hub Copenhagen actively aims to create and expand artists’ networks both at home and abroad.

As well as the importance of networking, Art Hub Residency provides the artists with time for contemplation and/or production. There is no requirement to produce work during the residency, so the time can be tailored to suit the process of each artist. It might involve research and studies, putting ideas to the test or actual production. There is also the option, by appointment, of a short working residency at the Danish Art Workshops.

One of the requirements of the programme is that, during their residency, each artist must present their practice, research, work, or project to the public. The form of presentation is up to the artist. It could be a talk, a podcast, a video, a text, a small exhibition, a performance, or something completely different. The presentations, shaped and organised in collaboration with each individual artist, are publicised as part of Art Hub Copenhagen’s events programme.

You can read more about the residency and see all the previous resident artists here.

Art Hub Residency is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund, Talent Norge, Flanders – Department of Culture, Youth and Media, and the Danish Art Workshops.

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