Linda Lamignan (NO/NG)


Linda Lamignan is a Copenhagen based visual artist working between Denmark, Norway and Ghana. They received their MFA degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2019, and their work has been shown in Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Rogaland Kunstsenter, Queens Museum and Kunsthal Aarhus.

Through video, music, objects and performance, they explore what lies in the spaces in between different cultures, genders and sexualities. In an attempt to erase the lines between culture, nature and technology, Lamignan seeks out to envision new alternative states. Over the past year, they have entered a collaboration with their alter ego Linda Lazer, an afrofuturistic sound and performance artist whose work conveys the emotions about being the other, being alien, about the experience of floating in the middle ground between several worlds.


“My artistic practice is derived from the scattered pieces of my combined experience of growing up in Gabon, Nigeria and Norway. For the past couple of years, my focus has been on the ties between the oil industry in these two regions. Trying to understand this relationship, I have been looking at the industrial history of Nigeria, where groundnuts, cacao and palm oil were three of the biggest export industries before crude oil. In my work, I have used these commodities as materials. For instance paraffin wax derived from crude oil and aluminium have been added to my material depository, as both materials are directly linked to the present industries of both Nigeria and Norway. Applying the belief system of animism, seeing all things as alive and animated, each commodity/material tells its own story. Interest lies in the memory of the material, both memory of the historical development and significance of the material, and in the memory of transformation each material goes through.”

Linda Lamignan: HUMANS DWELL AMONG WATER SPIRITS, videostill

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